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Terri's life trumps
Bushes' careers

As I write this, Terri Schiavo is alive.

As you read this, she may be dead.

But if she’s living, I want Gov. Bush, President Bush and the Justice Department to go in and rescue Terri. Fallout be damned!

Break the law? If you have to, you bet!

The law forcing her death is wrong; breaking it will test it. Not breaking it not only violates the essence of the sanctity of life, but it violates our constitutional guarantee of life and liberty. Terri Schiavo, brain-injured as she is, is still a human being, an American citizen. She’s being deprived of her life and she has no liberty – all in the name of “law.”

She’s healthy and breathes on her own. She’s done nothing wrong. It’s simply the word of her husband, enforced by the courts, that’s forcing Terri to die. He claims Terri once said, some 17 years ago, she wouldn’t want to live hooked to tubes.

Just his word, nothing more. And so, judges are forcing Terri to be starved and dehydrated until she is dead.

As soon as she dies, her “husband” says’ he’ll marry the woman he lives with and with whom he has two children. On national television, he said it’s possible to love two people at the same time. He provides no accounting for the nearly $1.5 million he won in a malpractice lawsuit on Terri’s behalf.

Governor and President Bush, which is more important – saving a life for a principle that’s at the core of our country and Western Civilization, or your own careers?

If Terri’s life, and what it represents, isn’t more important than a job, then all your moralistic preaching is worthless.

Put your money where your mouths are. You talk about right and wrong, morality, ethics, family values and yes, good and evil. You’re glib about issues that aren’t too close to you, but this case puts your necks on the line. You need to save Terri.

History is replete with courageous men who acted for a higher cause with little disregard for how it would affect them – names like Gandhi and King come to mind.

Time is running out, if it hasn’t already.

Terri’s not sick. Her only tube was feeding her. It’s just her brain that’s damaged, so she cannot speak or swallow.

Well, wait a minute. If she really can’t swallow, she’d drool. Saliva would spill out of her mouth.

You try it. Sit for a while without swallowing. Soon you’ll drool and you’re not even brain damaged. Dentists use suction so saliva doesn’t accumulate and spill or cause choking.

Terri Schiavo doesn’t choke or drool. So what’s going on? Is she really as brain damaged as they say? All those doctors who are so confident in their diagnoses as to why or when people will die, in truth, are blowing smoke. They don’t know. Never did; never will. They simply make calculated guesses. Sometimes they’re right, but very often they’re wrong. They don’t talk about that. It spoils their “god” image.

While the Bushes and Justice dither and dally, a 41-year old woman is slowly being killed. Call it anything you want; dress it up in rhetoric about privacy and individual rights – but it’s still murder.

We’re told Terri’s undergoing a private and peaceful death. Perhaps, but only if you consider being surrounded by policemen and guards private and peaceful.

On orders of her husband, family visits are restricted, pictures not allowed, last rites of her Catholic religion are prevented because her husband won’t allow even a crumb of Eucharist or drop of wine to be put into her mouth.

He claims she can’t swallow. What if she swallows the Eucharist crumb? What then? Uh oh.

This man who claims to love her and demanded her feeding tube be removed so she will die, wasn’t present when the deed was done. Technicians were there, police guards were there, the lawyers were there, and the husband sent a “representative” – his girlfriend.

Oh, and Terri’s parents were ordered out of the room.

If there’s a lesson in the horrific situation of Terri Schiavo and her parents and siblings, it’s that the power of the law and medicine not only controls us, it kills us. And it does so every day.

There’s Michael Schiavo, the husband in name only and his euthanasia lawyer, George Felos, who, we’re told, has a financial interest in the facilities housing Terri and, along with other law officials in Pinellas County, contributed to and supported the November 2004 re-election of the main judge in the case.

That’s George Greer, the legally blind judge who has ruled against Terri in every motion before him, refused to put into evidence sworn statements of those contesting the husband’s allegations, refused to allow into evidence X-rays showing Terri with massive beating injuries, ignored sworn statements of nurses who worked with Terri and spoke of the husband’s abuse and possible criminal attempts to kill her, sealed Terri’s medical records to prevent family access, and may have had a hand in stopping police investigations into evidence and testimony about physical abuse of Terri in the hospital after her first mysterious collapse.

In addition, he essentially spit in the eye of the Florida Department of Children and Families, the state Legislature, the governor, the U.S. Congress and the president.

Not bad for a blind judge in what appears to be a perfect example of stereotypical good-old-boy Southern justice and corruption.

Something stinks in Pinellas County. That they’re allowed to get away with it because they’re supposedly “following the law” is absurd on the face of it.

If it’s not already too late, Terri must be rescued, just like Elian Gonzales was. Janet Reno used armed commandoes to steal him.

What happened to her? Zip.

She “took responsibility.” Wow.

So Gov. Bush, President Bush, Department of Justice – just DO IT.

You’ve nothing to fear, except of course, the blood of Terri Schiavo on your hands.