A Los Angeles activist is slamming so-called civil-rights leader Jesse Jackson for getting involved in the Terri Schiavo case, warning the woman’s parents about “praying with the devil.”

The Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, founder and president of the Brotherhood Organization of A New Destiny, has criticized Jackson and his methods for years.

“Jesse Jackson visited and prayed with the parents of Terri Schiavo yesterday in Florida and urged that her feeding tube be reconnected,” Peterson said in a statement. “For Jackson to insert himself in this case in the final hours of Terri’s life is the height of desperation. He is using this case to get himself back in the news, just as he has done in the Michael Jackson molestation case. Jesse Jackson is an opportunist and has no interest in helping Terri. He is exploiting her plight to push the liberal Democrat’s agenda for socialized health care.”

Peterson noted Jackson at one time was pro-life but changed his position “to gain favor with the Democratic Party.”

Said Peterson: “Until Jesse Jackson repents for condoning the culture of death and the killing of millions of black babies in the black women’s womb he cannot be trusted.”

Outside Schiavo’s hospice in Pinellas Park, Fla., where the brain-injured woman has survived over 12 days without food or water, Jackson said her impending death is “an injustice.”

“This is a moral issue, and it transcends politics and family disputes,” said Jackson.

“My prayers go out to Terri and the Schindler family,” Peterson said. “I know they want to help their daughter, but they should be careful in praying with the devil in their hour of need.”

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