“Life and Death in America” – a stunning special investigative report that will start with the Terri Schiavo story, but will go on to expose as never before America’s rapidly expanding euthanasia/”right-to-die” movement – will be the focus of an upcoming issue of WND’s acclaimed monthly Whistleblower magazine.

Just as WND first brought the Schiavo saga to national attention in 2002, long before it hit the radar of the rest of the national media, this powerful Whistleblower edition will expose the entire, ever-enlarging death movement of which most Americans are not yet aware.

The issue will expose the movement’s bizarre occult and New Age underpinnings, physician-assisted suicide, the increasingly common euthanizing of newborn babies in Scandinavia, and much more – including abortion, embryonic stem-cell research, human cloning and other aspects of the life issue. It’s literally a “life-and-death” issue, and promises to go far beyond previous journalistic explorations.

“Life and Death in America” is just one of the extraordinary Whistleblower issues now in development and soon on their way to subscribers. Others include:

  • “Evolution vs. Intelligent Design:” As recent news stories have shown, the current scientific orthodoxy of evolution is adamantly opposed to allowing an alternate theory of human origins – namely, Intelligent Design – to be discussed, taught, or even published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. This, despite the growing number of scientists defecting from the evolution side in favor of the view that an intelligent Designer is the best and most plausible scientific explanation for life on earth. Journalists somehow have been incapable of dealing with this controversy forthrightly, but Whistleblower’s issue will break that mold.

  • “Vaccines and medical malpractice:” This issue, long in development, will be very disturbing to those who unquestioningly trust the medical establishment. From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to your local doctor, this issue will cause you to change the way you think about the medical establishment, particularly regarding the issue of vaccines, a key focus of this edition. Another life-and-death issue of Whistleblower.

‘Credible. Independent. Fearless.’

Each month, Whistleblower magazine takes on a single, vital news topic and covers it in a uniquely comprehensive, compelling and insightful way. April’s Whistleblower – titled “WHY ARE CHRISTIANS LOSING AMERICA?” – reveals exactly why believers have been on the losing side of virtually every cultural and public policy battle for the past 40 years.

This issue will take readers on a guided tour through modern Christianity – from the highs (selfless service, redeeming the lost, fighting courageously for America’s culture) to the lows (pedophile priests, communist infiltration, rampant moral compromise).

“Prepare to be shocked by this issue of Whistleblower,” said WND founder Joseph Farah. “But prepare also to be challenged by some rarely reported information and profound insight that could just help save the nation.”

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