Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

Arrogant, corrupt, unethical and immoral.

These are just some of the ways House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi describes Republicans and their actions on Capitol Hill.

The Californian’s scathing attack comes in the form of an email fund-raising letter sent via the Democratic Congressional Campaign Commitee.

Pelosi pulls no punches in her message, which begins:

Democrats in Congress are in a battle for the very soul of our nation with Republicans whose arrogance and abuse of power have made a mockery of the U.S. House of Representatives. As House Democratic Leader, I should know.

We must ask ourselves, do we want to adopt corruption, indifference to suffering, and contempt for democracy as American values? Will we allow the progress America has made over the past five decades under Democratic leadership to be erased in a few short years by an extreme right-wing Congress run amok?

The Republicans in the House of Representatives, Senate, and White House are awash in scandals involving everything from bribery and intimidation on the House floor to vicious attacks on America’s most vulnerable. Are these the “moral values” that the Republicans like to crow about?

They are not my moral values.

Pelosi then reminds voters the 2006 congressional elections are getting close and the DCCC needs funding “to fight back against the onslaught of Republican propaganda and funny money … to put the Republicans on the defensive where they belong.”

Among the alleged abuses of power, Pelosi cites:

  • The Assault on Social Security. Social Security is the most popular, most successful government program in history, and now the Republicans are attempting to turn this New Deal program into a raw deal that would reduce benefits by up to 40 percent while adding trillions to the debt. …

  • A Reverse Robin Hood Budget. President Bush and House Republicans are pushing a budget that will shortchange housing, education, and veterans while heaping even more tax cuts on the extremely wealthy and handing out the few sacred preserved lands that belong to all of us as prizes to their political contributors in the oil industry. Nowhere is our government’s morality tested more starkly than in the hard numbers of the federal budget, and this year’s proposal fails this test miserably.

  • She also claims the GOP is gutting Medicaid, and goes on a personal attack against Republican House Leader Tom DeLay, citing scandals involving “bribes and intimidation on the House floor to junkets paid for with millions in extorted casino money … .”

    She concludes by stating, “In the last Congress, House Republicans became the most arrogant, unethical and corrupt majority in modern congressional history. Tragically, this profoundly immoral behavior is continuing without a pause in the first few months of this Congress.”

    Pelosi has become a high-profile figure in the Democratic party in the last year and a half.

    In September 2003, she was among those lampooned by comedian Dennis Miller on NBC’s “Tonight Show.”

    “You know all the Democrats are going to hell in a handbasket,” Miller said on the program. “Now they got Nancy Pelosi. … You ever see she has that pop-eyed look all the time? I always thought she might be hyper-thyroid, but then I heard her speak a couple times. She’s stupid! The reason her eyes are so wide is that she’s as shocked as we are that she made it that high!”

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