Editor’s note: Parents are advised this commentary deal with subject matter that may not be suitable for children.

When Page 1 of the New York Times headlined: “A DRUG RESISTANT HIV STRAIN IS REPORTED IN NEW YORK CITY, on Feb. 12, it was reported:

A rare strain of HIV that is highly resistant to virtually all anti-retroviral drugs and appears to lead to the rapid onset of AIDS was detected in a New York City man last week, city health officials announced on Friday.

It was the first time a strain of HIV had been found that showed resistance to multiple drugs and led to AIDS so quickly, the officials said. Though the extent of the spread of the disease is unknown, officials called a news conference to say the situation was alarming.

“We consider this a major, potential problem,” said Dr. Thomas Frieden, commissioner of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. The department issued an alert to all hospitals and doctors in the city to test all newly detected HIV cases for evidence of the rare strain.

This news story went on to report:

The virus was found in a New York City man in his mid-40s who engaged in unprotected anal sex with other men on multiple occasions while he was using crystal methamphetamine. The drug’s erasure of inhibitions and stimulating effect have long been blamed by health officials for sex marathons that have increased the spread of HIV.

The man, who was not identified by officials in order to protect his privacy, is believed to have had unprotected sex with hundreds of partners.

Think about that. HUNDREDS. This unidentified creature has buggered hundreds of sex partners – unprotected by any condoms.

Why is this oversexed AIDS-spreader being provided anonymity rather than 1) major expose by way of warning, along with 2) prison hospital quarantine for the sake of public safety?

The New York City Board of Health once won a case in the U.S. Supreme Court, which allowed them to permanently isolate a young cook named Mary Mallon – who died in 1936, living in a private cottage on North Brothers penal island just off the Bronx.

She was a superb cook, but everywhere she went, under assumed names, there would be an outbreak of typhoid fever (including the Manhattan hospital Sloanes – now Roosevelt – where I was born, 15 years later).

If “Typhoid Mary” deserved incarceration because of her spreading typhoid, what about the massive spreaders of that far more lethal disease, AIDS?

One week later, the Washington Post reported how New York City’s health authorities are today reacting to this epidemic:

“Public health officials are urgently trying to find the man’s partners. As of last week, at least two had come forward.” (And now, over a month later, on March 29, they have located 12 – out of hundreds!)

“One has been infected for years, is on treatment and could not have gotten the virus from the man with the recent diagnosis. The other person refused to be tested for HIV and did not want to discuss matters further.”

What an absolutely staggering result! And are the N.Y. health authorities doing anything at all to restrain this patient who has, without condoms, engaged in anal sex with hundreds already?

The New York Times has quoted historian and author Charles Kaiser as saying: “A person who is HIV positive has no more right to unprotected intercourse than he has the right to put a bullet through another person’s head.”

So, why doesn’t the New York Times – headquartered in a city with 88,000 known cases of HIV-AIDS, and an estimated 50,000 more who don’t know they are diseased – take the lead in calling for quarantine of all such AIDS-spreaders?

Larry Kramer, the New York playwright and co-founder of such militant sodomy groups as Act Up, told an audience at Cooper Union last November: “You are still murdering each other! Please stop with all the generalizations and avoidance excuses gays have used since the beginning …”

With the unlikelihood that much of the Sodomy Lobby will follow Larry Kramer’s poignant call, it is now time for mass hospital prison-camp quarantines for all those like this anonymous AIDS case, who has infected hundreds of other men.

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