I already stood the border once before. Been there, done that. For 16 months. Different border, though. I and many of my brother Marines. Against the 324th and 366th NVA Divisions. Tough little monkeys. They kicked out the French and the Japanese. We had a lot of respect for them. They could fight.

On Hill 881 South, the DMZ, 1968

That was war. Then, on that border, the orders were short and sweet. Just three words from the top: “Nobody crosses alive.” Many of my brother Marines died doing this job. You can find their names on The Wall. We got sold out.

Now, it’s 2005.

I’ve survived to tell you. Will I stand the border … again? The Mexican border? The borders of my own country?

You bet.


All that is necessary for evil to triumph in the world is for good men to do nothing.

Whether you liked him or not, the little guy with the big ears from Texas, Ross Perot, warned us six or seven years ago that this day would come.

We didn’t listen. Now it’s here.

He said that if we signed these globalist trade agreements, we would lose America. Borders and jobs would evaporate.

They have. Millions of jobs.

They are disappearing.

So are the borders.

You are losing your country!

Research the FTAA – the Free Trade Area of the Americas, which is on the table now! Look it up.

It makes Canada, Mexico and the United States one economic region with no borders. So what happens to American sovereignty?

Fight it!

Some of my fellow Americans don’t like this idea of turning people back.

They want to sell us out to a “world community.”

No way.

Why does 50 percent of the Mexican population want to come here?

You have papers, a green card? I welcome you to my country, gladly. You can come in, like my ancestors did.

Because you did it legally.

You want to sneak in, bring in drugs, guns to the gangs, get on the dole, drop your three or four ninos on my doorstep and on our dollars, break the health-care system, the welfare rolls? You want to smuggle in biologicals or a suitcase nuke to kill us all one morning?

You gotta get past us on the border first.

You gotta get past me first.

I will tell you “Alto! No permiso! No entrada!” and turn you back.

President Bush called us “vigilantes.” That just means “vigilant ones.” It doesn’t mean hate, KKK or white supremacy.

It just means “vigilance.”

Unlike last time, I won’t shoot at anybody who doesn’t fire on me first.

Whether on the streets of South Central Los Angeles, or Cleveland, Ohio, or on the border, no one who doesn’t seek to do me bodily harm or invade my country has anything at all to fear from me.

I am a free man.

As the Founding Fathers intended I always remain.

Not a subject.

I will not be disarmed and made helpless like the “world citizens” of Europe, England, Canada and Australia.

I am not a “citizen of the world.”

I am an American.

Cheri and I visited Europe last year for a few weeks.

The sovereign nations of France, Switzerland, Italy. My wife and I crossed five international borders.

We never had our passports stamped once.

That’s because there is no longer an Italy, a Switzerland, a France, a Germany, a Belgium, a Holland.

Those borders have been erased. There is only the European Union.

People have no rights – only “privileges” granted by the E.U. government. And privileges can be revoked. Rights cannot.

You are endowed with these rights by your Creator. That’s what the Declaration of Independence says.

Read it lately? Why not?

You’re an American, aren’t you?

Read it.

Know it.

Live it.

Defend it.

That’s why the Founders gave us the Bill of Rights.

Because we are free men.

Freedom isn’t free.

I will not be shot, mugged, stabbed, stolen from, have my home violated or have my front door kicked in.

The first Law of Nature is self defense. Every species is equipped.

So are we.

Ever been to San Antonio, Texas? Ever stood at the Alamo?

Ever touched that wall?

In 1823, 238 Texans stood that wall. Jim Bowie, David Crockett, Sam Houston, others.

Against Gen. Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana.

When some wanted to run before Santa Ana’s troops arrived, Col. Bowie took out his saber and made a line in the sand.

“Who stands for Texas may step cross this line and stand with me,” he said.

Some 238 men crossed and stood with Col. Bowie. They all died there.

Where’s your line in the sand?

What do you stand for?

One thing more.

When a Marine earns the rank of corporal, he becomes an NCO – a non-commissioned officer.

As a Fire Team leader, he leads other Marines in combat. This has not changed in over 200 years.

This rank permits him to wear the red “blood stripe” on the outside seam of his dress blue uniform.

The “blood stripe” commemorates the high number of Marine NCO’s killed in the storming of Chapultepec Castle in Mexico City during the Mexican War of 1849.

Yes, Marines took that fortress.

This is tradition. If he lives long enough and earns it, the corporal becomes a sergeant and leads a squad of riflemen.

I wore the “blood stripe” on my trousers for three years. Can I now ignore that?

If so, what do I stand for, then?

A nasty Mexican gang in Los Angeles called MS22 (you can see their tags on any freeway underpass in Los Angeles) has vowed to resist, with arms, the Minuteman Militia now on the Arizona border. It is interrupting their drug and arms trafficking. They have contracted with al-Qaida to smuggle in some bad people because, they have assured our Middle Eastern brothers, “we can get them over the border.”

Read the Free Trade Area of the Americas.

Fight it.

It will destroy America.

Remember, this all started on Bill Clinton’s watch. So don’t give me the old “anti-neocon” anti-Bush, Republican vs. Democrat point of view.

Janet Reno ordered the killing of those women and children in Waco, Texas.

Janet Reno ordered little Elian Gonzalez body-snatched and returned to Fidel Castro.

Will I stand the border…again?


What will you do? What do you stand for?

Where is your line in the sand?

Tod Phillips is formerly, and always, Sgt. Phillips, 1st Bn., 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, Fleet Marine Force Pacific.

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