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WND to issue regular reports from Temple Mount

JERUSALEM – With the Jerusalem police deploying thousands of officers to block off a group planning to bring thousands of Jews, including several Knesset members, to ascend the Temple Mount in spite of restrictions, and Palestinian groups threatening violence, WorldNetDaily Sunday will bring its readers regular, exclusive updates from the Mount area.

More than 3,500 officers have set up shop around the Old City, the walled portion of Jerusalem that houses the Temple Mount, the Al Aqsa Moqsue and the ancient quarters from the Temple Period.

Police hope to halt a plan by Revava, a Jewish organization with the stated mission of “restoring self-esteem to the state of Israel by restoring national pride and values,” to bring 10,000 Jews to the heavily restricted Temple Mount Sunday to spark Israeli dialogue about reclaiming the holy site from its Islamic custodians.

The Islamic Movement, a group Israel accuses of recruiting suicide bombers for Hamas, has already brought several hundred members to the Al Aqsa mosque today to “protect it” from Jews, and Hamas threatened earlier to renew terror attacks if Jews step foot on the Mount Sunday.

Palestinians have plastered mosques throughout the Temple Mount area with signs warning of the mass Jewish ascent. The signs, some of which were obtained by WorldNetDaily, read, “The Jews, who have no historic claim to the [Temple Mount], are planning to storm our holy site on April 10. We must not allow this to happen.”

The signs, which have been repeatedly removed, do not detail what specific measures Palestinians should take against the Jewish event.

Police announced the Mount will be completely closed off to Jews until Monday.

As the news continues to unfold, WorldNetDaily’s Jerusalem bureau chief Aaron Klein will issue exclusive reports all day Sunday from the Temple Mount area, including interviews with protest leaders, Knesset members, Palestinian groups and law enforcement officials.

WorldNetDaily has been leading the coverage of the planned Jewish ascent of the Temple Mount the past few weeks, with extensive articles, interviews with Jewish and Palestinian groups, and reports of Muslim protests and prospects for violence.

“We expect Sunday to be quite a dramatic day,” said a police official. “Our hope is that it will pass without incident, but the Temple Mount situation now is very volatile and we fear any little thing can set off violence.”

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