Observers of what appears to be the collapse of constitutional self-government in these United States will want to know that an extremely important event will take place in Boston on Tuesday. At stake is a bill that could restore democracy to a state that has seen its constitution brazenly suspended by four judges, while a governor and most of the legislature tremble behind the commodes in the men’s room.

The Joint Judiciary Committee of the Massachusetts Legislature will meet at the State House in Boston at 1:00 p.m. Their purpose is to either bury or allow a floor vote on a “Bill of Address” to remove four Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court justices. This, of course, would be the junta of four who imposed homosexual “marriage” on Massachusetts, and served notice to a nation already wondering who’s in charge around here that “you aint seen nothing yet.”

Those who argue that homosexual “marriage” is a private issue that affects no one except the happy couples are in deep denial. Children in Massachusetts public schools were already facing homosexual propaganda – occasionally even pornographic instruction. But now, greatly emboldened activist teachers and principals are treating the court’s decree as a license to overrule parents and inject debauched images and beliefs into schoolchildren as early as kindergarten.

At least two parents have been threatened with arrest for trespassing by a principal and four police officers. Confusing today’s America with the Land of the Free, the parents tried to videotape a conference in which homosexual activists were having their way with the minds of public schoolchildren.

Even now, all these months after the ruling, almost no one in Massachusetts or the wider world is aware that with their homosexual marriage decree the majority of the state’s Supreme Judicial Court nakedly violated multiple articles in the state constitution which prohibit courts from legislating – or even from nullifying – existing laws. In fact, the state constitution plainly indicates that laws remain in effect until the Legislature repeals them, regardless of the actions and opinions of the judiciary branch.

Somehow, no one in the conservative news media has bothered to examine the Massachusetts constitution to discover if the judges simply took advantage of loopholes in John Adams’ centuries-old document or perhaps found a penumbra – or just struck down the constitution outright because they knew we’d get over it soon enough and get back to our shopping. All doubts are removed by reading the document: If there is a constitution in Massachusetts, it is no longer binding on the bigshots.

Though their oaths of office compel them to declare the ruling null and void and to remove the four judges, the executive and legislative branches in this “separate but equal” farce clearly believe that their oaths, too, have been struck down. Gov. Mitt Romney – Republican and practicing Mormon – while posing in the Bible Belt as a pro-family conservative, has taken to sponsoring homosexual youth parades in Boston.

Chief Justice Margaret Marshall is now running the state, when she’s not fund-raising for homosexual organizations and otherwise mocking rules about judicial neutrality. Feeling powerless as governor, Romney is wondering if he can be our next president.

The Article 8 Alliance, which initiated the move to fire the four justices is scrambling to arrange testimony by constitutional experts at the last minute – or to get it postponed. The Massachusetts House and Senate leadership apparently conspired to schedule this hearing without notifying us until it was too late to introduce testimony or alert the media. The Article 8 Alliance only discovered it because a staff member was suspicious, based on long experience, and went beyond the call of duty to find out what was on the State House menu for next week.

The Bill of Address is really important. It is time for lawyers, law professors, elected officials and judges – active and retired – to weigh in and make it clear that constitutions still outrank judges. Its time for legislatures and governors in other states to issue resolutions and proclamations that the collapse of constitutional self-government in Massachusetts is a dire threat to the 49 other states and to the nation. That rule of law is not rule by lawyers.

Gov. Romney and the Legislature need to be made the laughingstock of the nation for not standing up to the self-appointed politburo that has reduced them to mindless puppets. We need all the help we can get here because removing judges is now a do-or-die effort for constitutional self-government, and not only for Massachusetts.

For the entire country, a great deal depends on our scaring the Massachusetts political establishment back into at least faintly constitutional parameters. If we fail to remove the four outlaw justices, Americans may well look back at the Massachusetts homosexual marriage ruling as “the one that ate the rule of law,” to borrow a recent phrase from U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

The Bill of Address movement here is not a secondary news story of passing interest and responsible journalists, pro-family organizations and constitutionalists of all stripes – even libertarians! – should not treat it as such. It is very destructive that so much of the “conservative” press has treated local events like this one as insignificant largely because the mainstream press ignores them. Lesser events are routinely inflated into global spectacles by left-wing media types because they agree with the agenda.

The Boston Globe and the New York Times are doing their best to guarantee that no one notices Massachusetts’ citizens’ attempts to pink-slip these four judges. But the eyes of the world should be on earnest efforts to fire another Shot Heard Round the World.

Politicians must fear the citizenry – as President John Adams and the other Founders took pains to tells us. Let them hear a round from you! Pick up your telephone and fire away:

House judiciary chairman:

Rep. Eugene O’Flaherty, D-Chelsea

Office: 617-722-2396

Home: 617-889-5703

E-mail: [email protected]

Senate judiciary chairman:

Sen. Robert Creedon, D-Brockton

Office: 617-722-1200

Home: 508-584-1975

E-mail: [email protected]

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John Haskins is associate director of the Article 8 Alliance and the Parents’ Rights Coalition in Waltham, Mass.

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