Charles A. Lindberg Sr., at the time of the passage of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913:

This Act establishes the most gigantic trust on earth. When the President signs this Act, the invisible government by the Money Power, proven to exist by the Money Trust Investigation, will be legalized. The new law will create inflation whenever the trusts want inflation. From now on depressions will be scientifically created.

Today is another sad day for America. Once again, Americans are being forced with a gun to their head to give the fruits of their labor to the international banking cartel via the Internal Revenue Service. This is how slaves have been Made in America. What, you say? “My income taxes provide new roads, education, welfare, coddling illegal aliens and foreign welfare.” Wrong. Space is limited, so I will struggle to give you 15 years worth of research and learning on one short page.

None of your income tax dollars – which you “voluntarily” pay through force and coercion – funds the government. This money, as well as the “withholding” stolen from you all year long, goes to the privately owned “Federal” Reserve Banking System to pay back the money your member of Congress borrowed during the year for a trillion dollars worth of unconstitutional expenditures.

Few Americans realize the high cost of that “bacon” to their district. Every penny of income tax dollars collected by the Internal Revenue Service goes to the stockholders of the privately owned “Federal” Reserve to run the central bank and reap their astronomical profits from the sweat off your back. (See: “President’s Private Sector Survey On Cost Control: A Report to The President” [Reagan] Jan. 15, 1984. Available from the Congressional Research Service. The excerpt below can be found on page 12.)

Resistance to additional income taxes would be even more widespread if people were aware that: With two-thirds of everyone’s personal income taxes wasted or not collected, 100 percent of what is collected is absorbed solely by interest on the federal government contributions to transfer payments. In other words, all individual income tax revenues are gone before one nickel is spent on the services which taxpayers expect from their government.

This means that after transfer payments and usury on the congressionally created “national debt,” there is no money so Congress must continue to borrow to spend. The central bank is one big credit card for these crooks in Congress with an unlimited balance. That amount borrowed is part of the government’s deceptive, creating bookkeeping they call the “deficit.” The transfer payments referred to above means that all income tax money goes to the central bank to pay for government borrowing and unconstitutional plundering of the people’s treasury to the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations and endless wars.

Prior to 1913, America had no central bank and no direct income tax. There are many good, decent Americans out there pushing for these dangerous alternative taxing schemes. The current favorite is a bill in Congress by Rep. John Linder, R-Ga., which would replace the income tax with a 23 percent national sales tax. While this sounds great to the desperate, it is just another very dangerous Band-Aid that will not cure the cancer. The cancer is the central bank, because without it, there is no need for any direct taxation against the American people.

If you have only been taught the banking cartel’s propaganda, I urge you to get educated on the issue of the privately owned “Federal Reserve” by requesting a complimentary copy of my best seller, “Why A Bankrupt America.” When I say privately owned, this isn’t my personal opinion, it is the assessment of the courts many times over, e.g., Lewis v. U.S. 680 Federal Reporter, 2nd Series, page 1240. Understanding the central bank and fiat currency is the key to understanding why no income tax is needed to fund a limited, constitutional, Republican form of government.

Please don’t fall into this trap of pushing for these alternative taxing schemes. The banking cartel doesn’t care how they get your money, just as long as they can continue to drain the wealth of America into their own pockets. Besides, that 23 percent will mean nothing in less than four years when the first wave of baby boomers hit.

A path-breaking study by Jagadeesh Gokhale of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland and Kent Smetters, a former deputy assistant secretary at the Treasury – commissioned by former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill – estimated a $44 trillion fiscal gap. It laid out a few painful options on how to meet the liabilities:

More than double the payroll tax, immediately and forever, from 15.3 percent of wages to nearly 32 percent; Raise income taxes by two thirds (roughly 78 percent), immediately and forever; Cut Social Security and Medicare benefits by 45 percent, immediately and forever …

You cannot buy or own stock in the privately owned Federal Reserve. That privilege is reserved for the money interests, i.e., the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and other global elites. The federal debt cannot be paid down, much less paid off. None of these alternative taxing schemes will make a dent in the expanding bubble that is going to burst because the banking cartel can’t continue to prop up the debt load much longer. The day of reckoning is coming. Get the facts … because knowledge is power.

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