What? You’re probably saying, “Devvy, have you been asleep? April 15 was two weeks ago!”

Today is tax day for those who get paid twice a month. Actually, every payday, regardless of frequency, is April 15 all over again. The American people have basically grown up with the so-called “withholding” process and are so conditioned to the theft of the fruits of their labor, they don’t realize what’s really taking place.

The “withholding” process was originally implemented to provide the government with “emergency” funding for World War II. Once the war ended, Americans expected this “emergency” tax would disappear. They were wrong because as we all know, once the government gets their hands on your money, they won’t give it up without waging war on the American people. Sometimes the people will fight back as was the case with a remarkable woman named Vivien Kellems who stopped withholding from her employees back in 1948.

There is a great deal of historical record on how the “pay as you go” system was finally implemented. While most people will find these congressional record documents somewhat shocking, let me assure you that nothing has changed. The same kind of bickering and idiocy goes on every day in the U.S. Congress. If you scroll down toward the bottom of this document, you will find another shocking discussion on the withholding process that was finally declassified and how the final version of a new “taxing scheme,” (their words) was finally birthed. We have been getting fleeced ever since and the American people have sat back and allowed it to happen because of party loyalty.

Take a real hard look at your pay stub. Look at the federal income tax withheld and how it continues to grow, even though both of the “main” political parties will crow they are the smaller government party with your best interests at heart. In the case of one individual who earns $96,000 a year, every two weeks the federal taxing scheme (withholding) takes $481 and some change. Multiply that over the 12-month period and this American slave has handed over a huge amount of what he toiled for, but that money never went to fund the federal government, as I explained in my April 15, 2005, column. Your “income tax” dollars go to the Internal Revenue Service and then take a direct route to the privately owned “Federal” Reserve to pay back the borrowing by Congress to spend money that doesn’t exist.

Which brings us to an interesting question: Just who is the IRS? I have been trying to find out for years whether or not the IRS is an agency of the federal government. Why would I ask such a question since the IRS has been invading our privacy for years and putting a gun to our heads to voluntarily hand over the fruits of our labor, backed up by compromised federal judges? Because, much research has raised very serious legal questions the IRS steadfastly refuses to answer. You can see my letter to former commissioner of the IRS, Margaret Richardson. She never responded, nor has any commissioner I have sent the same letter to over the years. Why not? What’s to hide?

Then we have a startling revelation made in a case out in Idaho. You will see this document was filed by Betty H. Richardson, United States Attorney. On page two, item four, you will see this admission by a United States Attorney: “Denies that the Internal Revenue Service is an agency of the United States Government but admits that the United States of America would be a proper party to this action.”

If the IRS isn’t an agency of the federal government, just who are they, where does their jurisdiction come from and how does it apply to domestic Americans? I already know that this income tax does not apply to domestic Americans – although Bush, Congress and the 99,000 employees of the IRS will deny it to their last paycheck, this is a fact. Actually, the key lies in the clever wording contained in this court filing: not an agency of the United States Government, but they claim jurisdiction under the United States of America.

You might want to ask the IRS and your Congress-critter for a simple, straight forward answer to this question, but you won’t get one. The only thing you will receive is a form letter that gives the standard boiler plate evasive blarney or the standard form letter from the IRS warning you not to get involved with untaxing schemes or you will be thrown in jail. What does asking a legitimate, legal question have to do with untaxing schemes?

As you look at your pay stub today, remember that those hundreds of dollars you never got to see or touch doesn’t fund “your government,” it is funding the economic destruction of this country, distributing the sweat off your back to prop up foreign countries, give tens of millions to corrupt regimes and conduct endless, unconstitutional “wars for peace.”

I hope you will get involved in Operation Clean Sweep so we can clean out Congress and get real constitutionalists elected who know how a limited form of Republican government is supposed to run and have the courage and the intelligence to successfully down size government and release you, your children and grand babies from perpetual financial bondage.

I place economy among the first and most important of republican virtues, and public debt as the greatest of the dangers to be feared.

– Thomas Jefferson to William Plumer, 1816. ME 15:46

Think about it.

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