Look at this baby.

This is Rowan. At 5 ? months, Rowan was born April 2, 2005, in Orlando, Fla., inside an abortion clinic. Rowan’s mother, Angele, thought she wanted an abortion. She took the medication to begin the procedure according to the instructions provided by the clinic.

Specifically, she was given valium to relax, then laminaria was inserted into her cervix. Laminaria are narrow rods of sterile seaweed. They absorb moisture from the cervix and expand slowly; causing the cervix to dilate and make the opening into the uterus larger.

Once the laminaria have been inserted, the abortion process has begun. Reportedly, the laminaria cannot be removed even if the woman changes her mind. She must return for the subsequent completion of the abortion. Failure to return can cause serious complications including the mother’s death.

After sufficient dilation is accomplished, one of two sadly common procedures follows. In the D&E procedure, the extraction of the baby begins with the rupture of the amniotic sac, which contains the unborn child. The abortion doctor then dismembers the baby inside the womb and pulls the baby out of the uterus in pieces.

The second procedure kills the baby a day or so before the extraction is scheduled. According to Life Dynamics, “this extra step is generally referred to as a ‘ditch’ and is accomplished by inserting a long needle through the mother’s abdomen and into the heart of her baby. Then, a chemical agent – usually digoxin – is injected through the needle causing the child’s death.” Labor is induced and the child is stillborn.

To hear Angele tell the story, she chose the labor and delivery process for her abortion as opposed to having her unborn child dismembered. That means after the laminaria was inserted and digoxin was injected, she would be sent home with labor-inducing drugs to be taken the next day. She would then return to the clinic for the actual extraction.

Angele said in a previous interview with WND: “I wanted it to be as humane and painless as possible for my son. They told me they would guide a needle directly into his heart and it would put him to sleep, and he wouldn’t feel anything.”

The problem with her story is that she also asserts, rather emphatically, that after the laminaria were inserted she left the clinic without ever receiving the digoxin injection. What’s more, according to her own account, she became increasingly worried that “all night off and on [she] could feel the baby still moving.” Still she took the medicine the following morning to put herself into labor and give birth to her son.

In the hours that followed her self-induced labor, Angele delivered her baby alone into a toilet at the clinic. She had little more than a wet blanket and cold, blood-stained room to assist her.

Despite the calculated decision to end her son’s life, he was born alive. Panic stricken, Angele instinctively cried for help as she cradled her son in her hands. No one came, and Rowan died.

So now Angele has gone public and has brought the spotlight to her story inciting outrage and heartbreak all at once across the nation for her son, herself and their experience. But I for one am not prepared to extend an immediate healing hand to Angele; at least not until I hear her take ownership for her actions.

To my mind, Angele premeditated the murder of her son. She traveled to Florida from her home state to seek a clinic experienced in late-term abortions. She got educated on the process and chose the method of his execution − stillbirth.

Inexplicably, digoxin was never administered. Without the fatal injection, Angele had to know he could be born alive. Still determined to end his life, she decidedly moved forward with the abortion procedure inducing labor and reporting to the abortion clinic.

At the sight of him alive after delivery, yes, she cradled him and told him she “loved” him. Yes, she called for help and no one came or answered. But her response reeks more of fear and guilt than love. Bottom line, if she really wanted him alive she could have – should have – gone directly to the hospital when she went into labor. (Angele has two other children, so she knows something about giving birth.)

Certainly, what the clinic did was repulsive. Their non-response to her pleas for help is not just inexcusable; it is also illegal. But Angele cannot hide behind their inaction, callous hearts and criminal acts. She is responsible for her choice and no amount of finger pointing will change that.

As for Rowan, my heart does ache. He suffered brutally and died at the hand of his own mother. But Rowan joins the ranks of thousands of children who die each day by abortion – many of whom are born alive.

This brings us to the subject of a little-known and hardly enforced federal law called “The Born-Alive Infant Protection Act of 2002.” This act was intended to provide certain protections under federal law, including emergency medical care for a child surviving a failed abortion.

It so happens that just days ago the Bush administration, through HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt, announced that the Born Alive Infant Protection Act of 2002 would be enforced. Imagine that, the executive branch of our government charged with enforcing the law is actually going to … enforce the law!

Well, now what? Now what, Mr. Leavitt? Mr. President?

A textbook example of why this law was created is before us and a nation watches.

The administration stated that the announcement came to make the public aware of the law. Well, there is no better way to make the public aware than a multi-count indictment in federal court surrounding the allegations and circumstances of this murder in Orlando, Fla.

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