Fresh from success on the Arizona-Mexico border, organizers of the Minuteman Project citizen border patrol are making plans for taking their activity to Texas.

Chris Simcox, publisher of the Tombstone Tumbleweed and co-founder of the Minuteman Project, says the group is considering beginning patrols on the Rio Grande in October.

Because of a greater level of danger in Texas, planning will be more of a challenge, Simcox told the Houston Chronicle.

Chris Simcox

“The Texas border is pretty dangerous right now,” Simcox told the paper. That won’t scare the Arizona-based citizen patrols away, he said, but it does mean they will be more careful in planning their operations, which might even include efforts to disrupt the flow of drugs.

“Security becomes a serious issue because we are going to be annoying a lot of people,” including leaders of the drug cartels, Simcox noted.

The Minuteman Project claims during its border patrols along the Arizona border last month it helped federal agents apprehend 335 suspected illegal aliens and that its presence created a deterrence effect causing a 98 percent reduction in border crossings in the area patrolled.

The Chronicle reports Houston activists opposed to illegal immigration say they are ready to go to the border.

“Get geared up and get ready because we’re going to be there in October,” said Wanda Schultz, a representative of Americans for Zero Population Growth. Schultz and her husband went to Arizona last month to participate in the Minuteman effort, the paper reported.

Though President Bush has referred to the Minutemen as “vigilantes,” California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has praised the group. Also, the largest local union of Border Patrol agents in the country declared its support for the project last month.

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