A Massachusetts activist organization today will mark the one-year anniversary of same-sex marriage in the state by discussing the “dark underbelly” of the institution in front of Boston’s City Hall.

The Article 8 Alliance” claims the state’s schools have become more active in pushing homosexuality with students, pointing to an April 30 event at Brookline High School.

Sponsored by the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network, the event, said the Article 8 Alliance, featured a “hard-core pornographic homosexual ‘how-to’ booklet given to hundreds of kids.”

“The book was prominently distributed at the first table, right after registration, where everyone would be sure to go,” the group states on its website.

The booklet, entitled “The Little Black Book – Queer in the 21st Century,” contains what the activist group calls “deadly misinformation on health.”

Included in the booklet are graphic descriptions of homosexual conduct, including “fisting,” along with a photo-spread discussion of condoms and instructions on how to put them on.

Also included is a list of homosexual bars and clubs in the Boston area “for the discerning queerboy.” The Article 8 Alliance points out the students attending the event were of middle-school and high-school age.

The booklet mentions abstaining from risky activity, and then states, “But how much fun is that?”

Brian Camenker, director of Article 8 Alliance slammed the pro-homosexual agenda in Massachusetts.

“Contrary to the rosy picture painted in the mainstream media, we’ve seen an intensification of undemocratic, anti-free-speech activities throughout our state – in the schools, in government and in the media,” he said in a statement. “Alternative points of view are routinely drowned out by ignoring the message, intimidation, name-calling or lack of proper notification. Even pro-family churches now hesitate to speak out on this moral issue, since it has been politicized by the radical homosexuals and their allies.”

Continued Camenker: “Meanwhile, our Legislature and governor continue to support gay clubs in our public schools, which draw our young people into this dangerous and destructive lifestyle,” saying he had never seen anything as “bad” as the “Little Black Book.”

The associate director of the group, John Haskins, also took aim at Gov. Mitt Romney.

“The one person who could easily have prevented this situation simply by defending the state constitution – our Republican governor – is getting a pass, even from pro-family conservative media, and has set his sights on the White House,” Haskins said. “If he is not exposed as a very, very, very nice man with neither courage nor convictions, he will indeed be a Republican Manchurian Candidate in 2008.”

As WorldNetDaily reported, a Massachusetts father who recently protested a pro-homosexual book his 6-year-old son had been given in school spent a night in jail after being arrested by police – an incident the activist group mentions as further evidence of a pro-“gay” attitude by officials.

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