Megashift author Jim Rutz begins writing a weekly column for WorldNetDaily today.

Rutz is the leading U.S. spokesman for a movement known as “Open Christianity,” a startling innovation on the traditional church that is laying a whole new basis for civilization. Additionally, he is chairman of Megashift Ministries and has been a full-time writer for 31 years.

According to Rutz, Open Christianity solves the three biggest problems of the church: “We’ve gotten rid of all the expensive buildings and paid pastors. Plus, you never have to listen to another sermon. This is the next step up from Protestantism.” Rutz says he and his “house-church friends are seeing lives getting straightened out, long-standing problems getting solved, wimps turning into world-changers, and everyone experiencing the strong presence of God.”

As the author of the 1992 best-seller, “The Open Church,” which sold 230,000 copies, Rutz has appeared on more than 80 TV and radio stations, including Pat Robertson’s “The 700 Club.”

Sales of his newest book, “MEGASHIFT: Igniting Spiritual Power,” could pass half a million and create demand for well over a hundred interviews. It’s a shocker. Among other things, Rutz’s research has found 52 countries where God has raised people from the dead, mostly in the last 20 years (all footnoted, some with photos).

According to Rutz, these are not near-death experiences, but bona fide resurrections of corpses, and are part of a long list of documented reports of varied miracles from around the world. These miracles reportedly are being done by ordinary people.

WorldNetDaily founder, Editor and Chief Executive Officer Joseph Farah welcomed the addition of Rutz to WND’s commentary lineup: “The day I finished reading ‘Megashift,’ I started plotting how to get Jim Rutz involved in WND. I’m so gratified he is making the commitment to share his heart with readers each week.”

Go to Jim Rutz’s column: “The big picture: The world is rapidly becoming all-Christian.”

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