Fifty years of research is in and the record is now clear – abortion significantly increases the risk of breast cancer.

That’s what one of the nation’s premier researchers wrote in a paper published earlier this week. And the fact that no other major news organization has yet covered the comprehensive report by Joel Brind, a professor of human biology and endocrinology at Baruch College, City University of New York and president of the Breast Cancer Prevention Center, is nearly as shocking as the findings of the paper.

Maybe the rest of the media were too busy exploring why Newsweek published a bogus story about a Quran in the toilet to notice a real story that affects the lives of millions of women.

In reviewing every single study of the link between abortion and breast cancer conducted since 1957, Brind found the evidence is conclusive. But he also found the results of those studies have often been twisted, manipulated and distorted to downplay the connection.

Brind’s study indicts not only the researchers, but government agencies and the news media for covering up the facts.

Of particular interest in the study is the fact that the greatest risk of breast cancer is faced by girls under the age of 18 who choose abortion. The risk is greatly compounded if there is any family history of breast cancer.

Now, I don’t know why we still have debates in this country about matters as seemingly uncontroversial as whether parents have a right to consent to abortions by minor children. But we do. And as long as we do, this evidence needs to be heard – not only in state legislatures and in school board meetings, but by the American public.

Think about it. How many 16-year-old girls even know about family histories of breast cancer? How many 16-year-old girls are in a position to evaluate future risks – 20, 30, 40 years down the road – of breast cancer? How many parents would want their 16-year-old girls making such life-and-death decisions without their knowledge?

But that’s exactly what the abortion industry has wrought on this country and on the parents and children of America.

Any research that shows abortion to be anything but a “safe” procedure is spiked by the press, by international agencies like the World Health Organization, U.S. government agencies like the National Cancer Institute, the professional medical associations and even charities such as the American Cancer Society.

Why does the baby-killing business have such a stranglehold on these powerful institutions? Why the headlong rush to terminate innocent life at any cost – even the health of the mother?

For years, the abortion-on-demand crowd has clung to the line that abortion is the safest choice for a pregnant girl or woman – safer than bringing a baby to term. The breast cancer link shatters that myth. And there is a determination by those forces to keep this dirty little truth that abortion increases the risk of breast cancer a secret.

Try to imagine how evil this is. Not only do the pro-abortion forces give no thought to the life of an innocent child in the womb, they also give no consideration to the health of the mother.

But the link is real. In fact, two recent court cases brought by women who were not told of the increased breast cancer risk before getting abortions have won damages by proving the connection to juries.

There are likely to be many more such cases until laws require there is informed consent about the long-term health risks before abortions are provided.

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