Two points of review:

  1. The battle over judicial nominees is a battle within a war. At the center of this war is abortion, a point even the mainstream media acknowledges.

  2. Judges are integral combatants in this war, because legalized abortion is and always has been an illegitimate product of the courts, and only the courts are sustaining it.

In war, only those who perceive they are losing or who have a selfish interest for doing so initiate compromise. Ideological enemies simply cannot compromise. Those who don’t stand for anything (i.e., moderates) don’t get that.

God only knows the individual motives of the 14 senators who brokered the compromise on President Bush’s federal judge nominees Monday, but I think their reasons for initiating compromise – either to avoid a loss or for personal ambition – can generally be determined by their abortion ideology.

Ten of the aforementioned senators are pro-abortion (Democrats Byrd, Inouye, Landrieu, Lieberman, Pryor and Salazar; Republicans Chafee, Collins, Snowe, and Warner). Two are pro-life (Republicans Mike DeWine and Lindsey Graham). And two say they are pro-life except when it comes to experimenting on human embryos (Republican John McCain; Democrat Ben Nelson).

The filibustering Democrats appeared to be winning the public-relations war, thanks to smart spin and the “mainstream” media, but they were less than one day away from losing a very big legislative battle on judges.

Republicans planning to bust the filibuster weren’t faring as well in the court of public opinion, but they held the majority and would have won the senate battle itself.

The abortion lobby was clearly pushing its Senate minions to the point of self-destruction, which was why the 10 pro-aborts felt the need to compromise.

The four pro-lifers? It appears they sold pre-born babies out for their own political ambitions, be it for presidential aspirations, or to commit a coup against Majority Leader Frist, or to get something in return from the Dems … whatever. Time will tell.

They did pacify us with by sanctioning President Bush’s three most conservative judge nominees. But they didn’t give us all of the nominees – the right thing to do – and they left the option open to filibuster Supreme Court nominees, which is what this battle is really all about.

On May 12, while preaching on the Senate floor against invoking the constitutional option, Sen. Byrd said:

I say to the leader of the Republican Party in this Senate, the worm turns. The worm turns. And there will come a day when the leader will, the majority leader of this Senate will be on this side of the aisle. I’ve seen it happen back and forth, time and again. It can happen again. That worm will turn!

I’ve seen worms turn time and again myself. I just saw four of them.

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