“Mommy, what does ‘Deep Throat’ mean?”

While passing a newspaper stand the other day, I saw a 48-point headline (that’s a BIG one) on the Washington Post’s front page proclaiming the identity of “Deep Throat,” the inside Watergate source who brought down the Nixon administration in 1974.

Regardless of what we may think of former FBI Deputy Director Mark Felt’s motives for cooperating with the Post, we can thank the Post itself for ensuring that millions of children will ask that opening question.

For days, “Deep Throat” led all news broadcasts, from print to radio to television. Thus an obscene pornographic film from the 1970s gained new life to assault our cultural sensibilities.

In some ways, it fits right in with the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal, which has assured American teens that oral sex is not sex, and that anyone who says it is must be a prude. If you don’t think that Mr. Clinton’s dalliances had any effect on American youth, you haven’t heard about the new Simon & Schuster book for 12-year-olds and up, “Rainbow Party,” which advises teens on how to have oral sex orgies complete with condoms and different-colored lipstick.

C.S. Lewis once observed that the agenda of the left is to make pornography public and religion private. Liberals are delighted to repeat the “Deep Throat” moniker over and over, wielding it like a stiletto against traditional morality. After all, they’re just talking about history. But mention religion anywhere around the public square, even citing our Founding Fathers, and the same folks keel over with nausea before calling in the ACLU shock troops.

Wrapping porn around a good cause is nothing new. Steven Spielberg got away with running explicit sex scenes during the TV family hour when “Schindler’s List” was televised unedited. The excuse was that we just couldn’t understand the gravity of the Holocaust without showing Schindler’s bed romps.

When Rep. Tom Coburn, R-Okla. (now U.S. senator), rightly chastised TV executives for not editing out the unnecessary porn, he was accused of everything from book-burning to anti-Semitism.

The sexual revolution has many facets, but its raison d’etre is to “free” people from God’s sensible plan for sex within marriage and replace it with a hedonistic ethic. As families fall apart in such a system, the state grows bigger and bigger to pick up the pieces, managed by people with advanced degrees who know better how to raise your kid and spend your money than you do.

Beyond the giddy joy liberals experience when they shock people’s moral sensibilities, there is a deeper purpose to it all.

The next time you hear about “Deep Throat,” think about what liberals have done to decency, modesty and to children, all in the name of history or good government. It’s always for a noble cause.

Robert Knight is director of the Culture & Family Institute, an affiliate of Concerned Women for America.

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