An author seeking an apology from Bill Clinton for his alleged rape of Juanita Broaddrick was blocked from entering the former president’s Harlem offices today.

Candice E. Jackson, author of “Their Lives: The Women Targeted by the Clinton Machine,” said she wanted to give Clinton or his scheduler a letter of apology for him to sign.

The incident occurred in the presence of the crew of a New York City WB-affiliate station.

Spokesmen for both Bill and Hillary Clinton have refused to comment on the allegations in Jackson’s new book, prompting her to make a personalized “house call” so neither can deny the existence of “missing chapters” of Bill Clinton’s memoirs, “My Life.”

After the author was ejected from Clinton’s office, Eric Jackson (no relation to Candace Jackson), president of World Ahead Publishing, which released the book, sent a faxed letter to Clinton officials, requesting a meeting with the former president’s scheduler, David Slade.

Candace Jackson calls into question the Clintons’ commitment to women’s rights, asserting a pattern of disturbing attacks – including rape – against women.

“It’s time for Bill and Hillary Clinton to both acknowledge and publicly apologize for their actions,” she said.

“The history of Bill Clinton’s relationships with women has been one of physical and sexual harassment often followed by threats and intimidation,” Jackson continued. “Over and over he has proven himself to be a ‘liberal misogynist’ – a man who feels that his professed concern for women’s political rights gives him free rein to treat individual women like chattel.”

Read Chapter 8 of Jackson’s expose.

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