A U.S. Christian flag designed to unite believers and underscore the Judeo-Christian foundation of the nation is gradually gaining popularity.

Designed by a Christian artist, Marcia Thompson Eldreth of Cecil County, Md., the flag was inspired by a sermon she heard in church two years ago. Eldreth says she heard her pastor ask why more believers didn’t fly the Christian flag, with the artist describes as “crisp and dignified, but politely cold.” She sensed God was calling her to design a new flag for American Christians they could fly proudly along with Old Glory. The current international Christian flag is a simple design: a white banner with a red cross on a dark blue canton in the upper left corner.

Eldreth’s website tells the story of how she created the flag and what the various symbols on it represent.

She has gained national attention for her flag; a segment she taped for the Christian Broadcasting Network’s “700 Club” program will re-air today, Flag Day.

Eldreth told the Baltimore Sun she has made 2,500 of the banners, but is not sure how many she has sold.

The artist is encouraging fellow Christians to join what she calls “Operation Band Together.”

States the site: “Please become a member of the ‘Operation Band Together’ movement by flying the National Christian Flag as a wave offering. The time is right for this dynamic concept. It will be effective when Christians for God and country boldly identify with Christ and each other by flying the U.S. National Christian Flag right under Old Glory to represent Christ as our foundation and Christian heritage.”

Eldreth emphasizes that her flag is not meant to replace or supplant the American flag, nor is a pledge of allegiance to the new flag she wrote meant to take precedence over the traditional one.

“This pledge, flag and its mission is not to replace our government pledge or Old Glory,” Eldreth said. “We are not trying to overthrow our government or force anyone to be a Christian. We are, however, honoring our Lord and protecting our Christian heritage and liberties. We are allowed to do that under our Constitution. The state cannot dictate to our church that we may not. When that day ever comes, you and I will all be in a desperate condition.”

Here is the website’s description of the flag:

The eagle carrying the cross represents the American Christian taking the gospel around the world declaring Christ’s shed blood for the people.

The Purple represents His royalty, the White represents His purity, the Red represents His shed blood, and the Blue represents His bruises.

The 50 stars that create the border of the flag represent all the Christians of the United States banding together to protect our right to preach the gospel and to protect our Christian heritage.

The Scriptures are Matthew 24:4, “Take heed no man deceive you,” and Matthew 24:14 “And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world … and then shall the end come.” This flag is evangelical and prophetic.

Bobby Ables, of Stephenville, Texas, displays his national Christian flag on a living room wall, next to the Stars and Stripes.

“I don’t get in politics too much,” he told the Sun, but as he sees it, the flag suitably mixes God and country: “That’s what we are, a patriotic, Christian country.”

The flags come in three sizes, selling for $69 for the gold-trimmed 3-by-5-foot model to $6 for the postcard-sized version that fits on a car antenna.

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