While liberal talk-radio host Al Franken complains vehemently about the new book “The Truth About Hillary,” saying it’s nothing more than a pack of lies, the author of an expose on Franken is pointing out the left-wing commentator, himself, has a problem with telling the truth.

Franken, together with leftist media critic David Brock, has demanded that Penguin Publishing explain its decision to allow its conservative imprint, Sentinel, to publish Ed Klein’s “The Truth About Hillary.”

In an open letter to Penguin, Brock sought “a public explanation of what, if any, editorial standards and fact-checking processes the Penguin Group applies to its imprints.”

According to Franken and Brock, Klein’s book is full of lies and distortions, and Penguin is guilty of “editing malpractice” for allowing the book to reach the consumer.

On his June 16 edition of “The Al Franken Show” on Air America Radio, Franken shared with listeners how he is expected to document truthfully all of the claims in his books published by Penguin imprint Dutton.

Said Franken: “Well, [Klein’s] not a decent book. And, you know, what’s interesting is when I do a book, my books are usually about the truth, you know, about really holding – you know, debunking lies. And this book is actually going to be called ‘The Truth.’ With jokes.

“And, you know, I have to – I’m vetted by the publisher. … We’re held to a very, very high – we hold ourselves to a high standard, and Dutton holds us to a very high standard. We have to keep records of everything. It appears that their right-wing imprint doesn’t have the same standards.”

Shameless distorter

Alan Skorski, author of the upcoming WND Books expose entitled “Pants On Fire: How Al Franken Lies, Smears, and Deceives” argues Franken is the least qualified person to be accusing others of writing books that are dishonest and deceitful.

According to Skorski, Franken’s research for his book was nothing more than seeking out selective information, rather than truth, to justify his character assassination and smears against Bill O’Reilly, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity and others he targets.

“From the beginning of his book and throughout, Franken shamelessly distorts and manipulates other peoples’ work and research to mislead his readers,” claims Skorski.

One such example is Franken’s citing of a study by the Pew Charitable Trusts to prove that the media do not have a liberal bias, then distorting its findings, Skorski says.

Another example the author cites is when Franken took one sentence from a report by the Washington Post’s Barton Gellman to prove Bill Clinton was “obsessed” with fighting terrorism.

“The fact is the entire article, with the exception of that one sentence, was highly critical of Bill Clinton and his lack of interest to address the issue,” Skorksi states.

“Pants On Fire” will be released in October by WND Books. In writing the book, Skorski researched the contentions Franken made in his last two books, monitored his daily radio show, spoken with people cited and referenced in Franken’s books and exchanged approximately 30 e-mails with Franken.

“Until now,” Skorski says, “Franken’s continuous smears against his enemies while promoting himself at the ‘ultimate truth teller’ have gone unchallenged.”

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