Pittsburgh man claims ‘Jesus’ appeared in his bathroom

Is the Son of God making guest appearances in homes across North America?

Photos of items for sale on eBay may have some wondering, as purported images of Jesus are being used as a marketing tool.

“Shower Jesus has been freed from the wall!” exclaimed Jeff Rigo of Pittsburgh, who offered “a section of plaster wall bearing the apparent face of the Son of God. No other items, promises, tidings, or guarantees are included.”

Rigo was able to sell the holy water stain this week for $1,999, purchased by Internet casino GoldenPalace.com, the same company which cashed out $28,000 for a grilled cheese sandwich with an alleged image of the Virgin Mary.

Speaking of sandwiches, in the American breadbasket town of Lincoln, Neb., an eBay member claims the face of Jesus on a sandwich was responsible for a miraculous turnaround.

‘Jesus’ said to overlook unclean meat on this grilled ham and cheese

“On Sunday Jan. 14, 2001, my life changed forever,” the Nebraskan explains. “I had been a heavy drinker for many years and on that day, I discovered what appeared to be the image of Jesus Christ on my grilled ham and cheese. After that day, I quit drinking and began to make much needed changes in my life. I have kept this sandwich a secret from everyone, but it has served as a daily reminder of this magnificent miracle. Now however, I feel that this sandwich should be shared with the hope that its image will inspire others to make changes in their lives.”

With a starting price of $350, no bids were being posted.

And while these items are from “surprise” appearances, a seller from Ontario, Canada, is hawking a toaster which is said to regularly produce images of Jesus on a crucifix when bread is inserted in the left slot.

Toaster said to produce eternal supply of Jesus images

“This toaster can be for personal use, to remind you of your faith at the start of every day, or to make duplicate slices of spiritually enhanced toast for family, friends or even for sale on eBay!” writes the vendor. “With previous toast-image auctions fetching thousands of dollars per slice – this is literally the ‘goose that lays the golden eggs.’ … I still get chills every time I see the toast pop out of this toaster with that remarkable image on it! It is priceless – this thing practically turns bread into gold!”

Though the “divine” Black and Decker toaster had an original asking price of $1,250, a single bidder had offered 1 cent.


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