A conservative activist is urging President Bush to nominate Ten Commandments Judge Roy Moore to fill the vacancy left by the retiring Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.

Moore, former chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, gained notoriety for defying an order to remove a Ten Commandments monument from the state’s judicial building. He was removed from office due to his insistence on “acknowledging God” in the public square.

“President Bush should nominate former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore to replace Sandra Day O’Connor in the U.S. Supreme Court,” Howard Phillips, chairman of The Conservative Caucus said in a statement.

“Sandra Day O’Connor’s appointment by Ronald Reagan was a foreseeable disaster. As I pointed out in 1981, Mrs. O’Connor was a pro-abortion member of the Arizona State Senate and a liberal judge on the Arizona Court of Appeals. She was chosen because of her gender and a desire to attract to the GOP the support of feminists.”

Continued Phillips: “Judge Roy Moore also has a track record. He is a rock-solid defender of the right to acknowledge God, a foe of sodomy and abortion, and a critic of the ‘legal positivism’ embraced by David Souter, Anthony Kennedy, John Paul Stevens, Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Steven Breyer.”

There is no indication Bush would consider nominating Moore. The president appointed former Alabama Attorney General William Pryor, who targeted Moore in the Ten Commandments case, to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. Many conservative activists criticized Bush’s pick of Pryor after he led the fight to oust Judge Moore.

Said Phillips: “Roy Moore is the best choice that President Bush could make.”

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