Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., is defending his cameo appearance in “Wedding Crashers,” the sexy comedy the Drudge Report called a “boob raunch fest.”

“In Washington, I work with boobs every day,” joked McCain during an appearance on NBC’s “Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”

McCain was responding to Leno, who noted Matt Drudge ran a headline last week screaming that the Republican was starring in a “boob raunch fest.”

“I think that pushes the limits of his imagination,” said McCain of the headline.

Drudge had reported that McCain, “who once held hearings chastising Hollywood studios for producing R-rated films and marketing them to teens — is now playing a part in one!”

Jane Seymour and Owen Wilson in ‘Wedding Crashers’ (New Line Cinema)

In one scene in the film, veteran actress Jane Seymour goes topless in an attempt to seduce Owen Wilson, who plays a divorce attorney trying to pick up women at weddings to which he has not been invited.

Leno continued to ask McCain about the controversy, saying “suddenly you’re in a porno movie.”

“In Washington, D.C., there’s a lot of qualities,” responded McCain. “A sense of humor is not one of them.”

In addition to the film, McCain discussed several more serious items in the news, including the possible replacements for Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, who recently announced her retirement.

“I think Fred [Thompson] would be my candidate,” McCain said, referring to the former Tennessee senator who was chosen by President Bush to help sift through candidates. “If I had his voice, I’d be president of the United States.”

McCain also implied Bush might indeed select Thompson, in the same way the vice president was picked as a running mate in 2000.

“Wasn’t Dick Cheney chosen to find a vice presidential candidate?” asked McCain.

Regarding the presidential race in 2008, McCain said he’ll wait until after 2006 before he’d announce any potential bid for himself.

He believes Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry will likely take another shot at the Oval Office, along with New York’s Hillary Clinton.

“I think Sen. Clinton would certainly like to be president. I think she’d make a great secretary of defense,” McCain said, with the studio audience laughing in response.


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