A billboard advertising a provocative homosexual website has been posted on a Cambridge, Mass., street near the famed school MIT.

A Massachusetts advocacy group battling the homosexual agenda, Article 8 Alliance, says the ad’s placement is evidence that the legal sanctioning of same-sex “marriage” is the “green light to push [homosexuality] in your face – in the schools, government, businesses, and the public square.”

“This is also about desensitizing you and your family to homosexuality,” the group says.

“When will you and your children drive by this in your neighborhood? This is just the beginning.”

The billboard, posted by the Clear Channel Communications company, features two men wrapped in an American flag with the message “Come Together.”

It advertises the website Gay.com.

The historic Goodridge v. Department of Public Health ruling, in which the state’s highest court fundamentally redefined marriage, has allowed same-sex couples to marry in Massachusetts since May 17, 2004.

As WorldNetDaily reported, Article 8 helped initiate a measure under consideration in the Massachusetts legislature to oust the four justices responsible for the decision.

The group also is promoting an updated Parents Rights Law to stop accompanying homosexual programs in public schools.

Gay.com is the flagship website for the global media company PlanetOut Inc. The company announced in March “its latest provocative advertising campaign,” featuring “two gay men who find understanding, love and comfort under the protection of the American flag.”

Gay.com ad in ‘Come Together’ campaign

The “landmark campaign,” according to PlanetOut, designed to “promote the Gay.com brand,” was to be featured on wallscapes, billboards, and transit shelters and in “gay-focused print media” in key markets including San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and Boston, as well as in mid-sized markets including Houston, Dallas, Atlanta and San Diego.

“This is a message about inclusion in an environment of exclusion,” Lowell Selvin, chairman and CEO of PlanetOut Inc., said in March. “We strongly believe that gay people deserve to love, to be together and to enjoy all the ideals and privileges that the American flag represents. We also think that this campaign will elicit an emotional response in gay and straight people alike.”

The “Come Together” campaign has three executions, or phases.

“In the first execution, called ‘Anthem,’ two men stand defiant before the American flag, strong in their separate beliefs. Through the next two executions, called ‘Embody’ and ‘Comfort,’ the men unite, finding love and companionship.”

“Gay issues were an emotional and polarizing force in the last election, and we wanted to speak to that very relevant experience for our audience,” said Christy Schaefer, director, Creative Services Group, PlanetOut Inc. “The campaign depicts two men who overcome their political division by finding a personal connection as they debate their passionate viewpoints,” she said. “For our campaign, we chose the American flag as the object of debate and the hero.”

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