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Complaints bring down 'gay' billboard

After complaints sparked by a WorldNetDaily article, media giant Clear Channel removed a billboard in Cambridge, Mass., that advertised a ‘gay’ website.

A Clear Channel spokesman told the Boston Globe it planned yesterday to take down an ad featuring two bare-chested men, wrapped in each other’s arms and the American flag.

The image was scheduled to come down today, but the complaints motivated the company to remove it one day early, said Drew Hoffman, president of Phoenix-based Clear Channel Outdoor.

The billboard space was purchased by the San Francisco-based dating and news website Gay.com.

”We’re very sensitive to the community concerns,” Hoffman said from his Stoneham, Mass., office.

The complaint calls received Wednesday were the first since the billboard went up in early April, he said.

Gay.com spokesman Spencer Moore said his company was not upset the ad came down early.

The activist group that drew attention to the billboard, Article 8 Alliance, is working to overturn same-sex marriage in Massachusetts.

Director Brian Camenker told the Globe, ”You have two men embracing, wrapped in the American flag, advertising a porno website. How can you get more offensive than that?”

Moore insisted the site, which offers online dating services with editorial content, is not pornographic.

Gay.com is planning a new fall ad campaign and plans to work with Clear Channel again, he said.

A staff attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts, Sarah Wunsch, told the Boston paper Gay.com could pursue legal action against Clear Channel because the media company may have violated its contract and interfered with state civil rights.

”It’s pathetic that Clear Channel caved in with a complaint from the Article 8 Alliance,” she said. “I consider them quite a fringe, on-the-edge kind of group.”

Article 8 said Wednesday the ad’s placement is evidence that the legal sanctioning of same-sex “marriage” is the “green light to push [homosexuality] in your face – in the schools, government, businesses, and the public square.”

“This is also about desensitizing you and your family to homosexuality,” the group said

“When will you and your children drive by this in your neighborhood? This is just the beginning.”

As WorldNetDaily reported, Article 8 helped initiate a measure under consideration in the Massachusetts legislature to oust the four justices responsible for the 2003 decision paving the way for same-sex marriage.

Gay.com is the flagship website for the global media company PlanetOut Inc. The company announced in March “its latest provocative advertising campaign,” featuring “two gay men who find understanding, love and comfort under the protection of the American flag.”

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