My longtime friend Judie Brown is like a junkyard dog. She is one of the most tenacious and innovative pro-life warriors on the face of the earth today – a genuine hero of our movement.

And so it is that, once again, Judy and her teams at American Life League, or ALL, and Rock for Life have conceived an excellent plan to call attention to our national abortion holocaust. It is called the Pro-life Memorial Day, and it is designed to make known to Americans the fact that abortion has terminated the lives of 46 million preborn babies.

You know, no matter how many times I hear that number – 46 million dead – I still get a chill running down my spine. Since Jan. 22, 1973, the date of the U.S. Supreme Court’s infamous Roe v. Wade ruling, that is how many unborn babies have been butchered in our nation.

To put that striking number in further perspective, ALL points out that one baby has been killed ever 24 seconds over the course of 32 years. In fact, for every two babies born, one is surgically aborted.

Because of this mass slaughter, the first ever Pro-life Memorial Day will be observed on Monday, Oct. 3 of this year and subsequently on the first Monday of every October. ALL and Rock for Life leaders are encouraging pro-life Americans nationwide to participate in this important campaign to honor the 46 million innocent lives lost to surgical abortion.

I believe this campaign can be extraordinarily effective in educating our fellow Americans to the fact that abortion is responsible for such an enormous number of deaths. I seriously doubt if many Americans – particularly young people – have any idea that 46 million babies have been aborted over the past three-plus decades.

How to participate

Readers are encouraged to get the word out on the first annual Pro-life Memorial Day. I am asking all pastors reading this communiqu? to vigorously promote this event in your churches. ALL and Rock for Life are encouraging folks to plaster schools and churches and businesses with flyers and posters promoting the day.

In addition, a petition to President Bush to officially recognize the first Monday of October as National Pro-life Memorial Day has been established. The petition can be found at this link.

Readers are encouraged to print off the petition, sign it and return it to ALL, which will present them to the White House. In addition, you can urge pro-life friends and family members to sign and return petitions to achieve a greater impact.

Here at Liberty University, we’ll be participating in the project with more than 9,600 Christian young people, plus our faculty and staff, standing up for the most innocent of our fellow citizens.

Finally, ALL has also created an official Pro-life Memorial Day T-shirt that beautifully expresses the sentiment for the day. The front of the shirt reads: “The cross we all bear – abortion kills a baby every 24 seconds.” The back reads: “46,000,000 babies killed, 1973-2005”

The T-shirts can be purchased at the ALL website or the Rock for Life website. I hope to see millions of courageous people wearing these shirts on Oct. 3!

I am wholeheartedly supporting this effort to honor the 46 million guiltless Americans who never had the opportunity for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This national disgrace must be publicized as we continue to work for the cause of life in America.

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