Is this a scary thought?

President Christopher Walken.

Christopher Walken

According to the “official campaign website,” the actor known for psychologically damaged characters in “The Deer Hunter,” “The Dead Zone” and dozens of other movies going back to Woody Allen’s “Annie Hall,” is off and running for the White House.

According to a press release posted on the website this week, the 62-year-old New Yorker has laid out a few positions, but doesn’t plan any active campaigning until he completes some acting obligations.

“Mr. Walken has greatly admired the celebrities who have entered politics and he wants to be able to give a good name and reputation to the acting community as well as the political community,” his agent Toni Howard is quoted as saying. “As for going national with this news, we have not made any plans for the immediate future.”

What will be his platform?

“I believe that campaign finance is a very tough issue, with good points on both sides,” Walken says. “But I feel, as a wealthy American, that I should have no more say than even the least fortunate American citizen. That is why I am for campaign finance reform.”

Walken says he is a big supporter of the U.S. military and thinks more money should go to paying the troops.

On stem cell research: “I’d met Chris Reeve several times before he died, and after having met him it is tough to be against it [stem cell research]. I am for human knowledge and expansion of human life. If stem cells are one way to do that, I need to be a good friend of stem cells.”

The website was created Wednesday and is registered to a Richard Strickland in Destin, Florida.

The big question, of course: Is “Walken for President” for real? According to one source, the entire campaign, including registration of multiple Web domain names, is an elaborate hoax being perpetrated by members of the General Mayhem forums, one of the largest message boards on the Internet.

“Our great country is in a terrible downward spiral,” Walken is quoted as saying on the website. “We’re losing jobs, losing benefits, and losing lives. We need to focus on what’s important – paying attention to our children, our environment, our future. We need to think about improving our underbudget educational system, making better use of our resources, and helping to build a stable, safe, and tolerant global society. It’s time to be smart about our politics. It’s time to get America back on track.”

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