Cindy Sheehan

As she continues her anti-war protest, Cindy Sheehan is labeling President Bush a “maniac” and a “lying bastard,” and she’s vowing not to pay her federal income tax.

“My son was killed in 2004. I am not paying my taxes for 2004,” Sheehan told an audience of Veterans for Peace. “You killed my son, George Bush, and I don’t owe you a penny. … You give my son back and I’ll pay my taxes. Come after me [for back taxes] and we’ll put this war on trial.”

According to VFP, Sheehan said she had two main points to tell Bush should she be able to meet with him.

“Quit saying that U.S. troops died for a noble cause in Iraq, unless you say, ‘well, except for Casey Sheehan.’ Don’t you dare spill any more blood in Casey’s name. You do not have permission to use my son’s name.

“And the other thing I want him to tell me is ‘just what was the noble cause Casey died for?’ Was it freedom and democracy? Bullsh–! He died for oil. He died to make your friends richer. He died to expand American imperialism in the Middle East. We’re not freer here, thanks to your Patriot Act. Iraq is not free. You get America out of Iraq and Israel out of Palestine and you’ll stop the terrorism,” she said.

“There, I used the ‘I’ word – imperialism. And now I’m going to use another ‘I’ word – impeachment – because we cannot have these people pardoned. They need to be tried on war crimes and go to jail.”

Yesterday, Bush defended his decision not to meet for a second time with the Vacaville, Calif., woman whose son was killed by Iraqi insurgents last year just days after his arrival in Baghdad.

“But whether it be here or in Washington or anywhere else, there’s somebody who has got something to say to the president, that’s part of the job,” Bush said. “And I think it’s important for me to be thoughtful and sensitive to those who have got something to say. But I think it’s also important for me to go on with my life, to keep a balanced life.”

As WorldNetDaily previously reported, members of Sheehan’s own family are blasting Cindy’s efforts, claiming she’s trying to promote her personal agenda “at the expense of her son’s good name and reputation.”

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