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'Sheehan is Nuts'?

America is the land of opportunity, and the saga of Cindy Sheehan is proving that true.

The national icon status of the California woman who has temporarily made a Texas ditch her dwelling place in her quest for a second meeting with President Bush is now translating into Cindy-related products for sale.

A search by WorldNetDaily has uncovered a variety of clothing items, coffee cups, coasters, beer steins, mouse pads, greeting cards and bumper stickers with messages including:

  • “Support Cindy Sheehan, a truly noble cause”;

  • “Sheehan is Nuts”; and

  • “She wants a book deal!”

    A large number of products are available at CafePress.com, with the pro-Sheehan items noting a “portion of profits help Gold Star Families continue to work for peace in Iraq,” though it doesn’t say how much of a portion goes to the leftist-activist group of which Sheehan is a part.

    Some of the products focus on President Bush and his relationship with Sheehan.

    One T-shirt for sale on eBay shows the face of Bush with the large message “Bush hates me” emblazoned on the front.

    Another theme features a photo of the president walking away from the camera, with the message, “Too cool to talk to you.”

    A third on a baseball jersey is based on a quote from Bush himself, as it proclaims, “I don’t want to send a terrible signal to the enemy,” and it features an image of the president flashing his middle finger. The marketing text for the jersey says “Bush doesn’t want to send a terrible signal to our enemy by saving American lives. Oh, we see what your signal is, G.W. Sorta like what you said to Cindy Sheehan.”

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