Canine with ‘Dogs for Cindy’ message at Iowa City, Iowa, peace vigil Aug. 17

Talk about the dog days of summer.

Wednesday night’s nationwide vigils on behalf of anti-Bush activist Cindy Sheehan was something to bark about, at least for those of the canine variety.

Not only were protesters of the human kind present at the reported 1,627 events organized by, some brought their pets and adorned them with signs reading, “Dogs for Cindy.”

‘Dogs for Cindy’ message declared on Boylan Street Bridge in Raleigh, N.C., as part of the nationwide peace vigil Aug. 17

Bloggers documenting the candlelight vigils even included their furry friends among those in attendance:

  • Manchester, Conn.: “Scheduled for 50, had 75+ (and 2 dogs).”

  • Plano, Texas: “A count of 346 in Plano. … Great cross-section of ages, ethnicities, dog breeds.”

  • Denver, Colo.: “I saw a dog with a sign that said ‘Puppies for Peace.'”

  • Ithaca, N.Y.: “All ages, lots of kids, and many dogs also – I noticed that many of the dogs were wagging their tails even during the silence – seemed like they were enjoying themselves!”

    Meanwhile in Berkeley, Calif., one woman could have been in an episode of “The Twilight Zone.”

    Unidentified woman in Berkeley, Calif., takes part in nationwide peace vigil Aug. 17

    “Everyone had something to say,” writes a blogger on “For example, this woman wanted the world to go backward in time to 2003, so that the invasion of Iraq would once again be a potential future event that could be avoided this time around.”

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