One of the International Atomic Energy Agency’s most powerful pieces of evidence pointing to Tehran’s secret enrichment programs may turn out to be a dud.

The IAEA found traces of enriched uranium on centrifuge parts that led them to conclude Iran was using them to enrich uranium. (After all, that is what they are for!)

Documents showing the centrifuges came from Pakistan (and were purchased used, conveniently enough) have apparently satisfied the IAEA that the enriched uranium was left on them by Pakistan before they sold them to Tehran.

Iran jumped on this evident “vindication,” saying it proves it was the victim of a U.S.-inspired anti-Iran propaganda campaign. Of course, Iran’s vindication was that it purchased centrifuges that may have been contaminated by Pakistan, not centrifuges that were contaminated by Pakistan.

But this glaring main point is being missed: There is only one purpose for the centrifuges. It is to enrich uranium. So why did Iran buy them in the first place? And the IAEA bumbles on again.

Regardless of the IAEA findings, Britain, France and Germany cancelled negotiations scheduled for next week saying that there are plenty of other reasons to believe Tehran has resumed nuclear work in breach of existing promises.

But until Iran is actually caught enriching uranium, there isn’t much that can be done to bring the matter before the U.N. Security Council. These kinds of loopholes allowed North Korea to get nuclear weapons.

Iran’s nuclear program is sponsored by the Russians, who built Iran’s nuclear infrastructure in defiance of vigorous Western objections.

In addition to the significant Russian capital investment, Russia stands to make billions more as Iran’s nuclear program advances. The situation is even more complicated by the presence of thousands of Russian technicians, special forces, “advisers” and nuclear specialists. They are working at every nuclear site in Iran.

It appears that though the Europeans and Americans are alarmed by the potential threat of a nuclear Iran, they are much more alarmed by the clear and present threat of an overwhelmingly nuclear-armed Russia.

On the other hand, Israel is virtually certain to be Tehran’s prime target. While the European Union or United States could possibly absorb a nuclear attack by Iran’s fledgling nuclear arsenal and survive, Israel could not.

Neither could the status quo be maintained by the old Mutually Assured Destruction Doctrine that kept the Soviets and Americans at bay for 40 years. The Soviets were pragmatic enough to know that a nuclear attack on the United States would mean national annihilation. They could be trusted not to commit national suicide.

But Iran marches to an entirely different drum. Iran is motivated and driven by an Islamic-based ideology that glorifies martyrdom for Allah. This is why it is the wellspring of suicide bombers. This is one of the main reasons that Israel developed a last-resort nuclear-defense policy known as the “Samson Option.” You will recall that when all was lost, Samson took down all his enemies with him in his death.

The “Samson Option” is an operational plan that can be implemented on very short notice. If Israel sees that it is about to be overrun or faces annihilation by weapons of mass destruction, the “Samson Option” will immediately kick in. There would be very little left of the Muslim Middle East after that.

As the Israelis stand back and watch the international community repeat the same old mistakes that allowed North Korea and Pakistan to become nuclear armed, they know that they will probably have to take action. Israel holds out hope that someone will get the guts to stop Iran before it is too late. In the meantime, Israel has formed a bold military strike plan to take out Iran’s nuclear facilities before they go online if necessary. Israel has no illusions. It knows this would be an extremely dangerous and difficult operation, given the wide dispersal of Iran’s nuclear facilities.

It would have to be a massive attack to assure that all facilities are destroyed. No surgical air strike would do the job. This means there would be terrible casualties, which would include many of the resident Russian population.

Complicating the scenario for all sides is that Iran is separated from Israel by the presence of 150,000 battle-hardened U.S. forces in Iraq – with a similar number of battle-hardened forces on Iran’s eastern and Russia’s southern flanks in Afghanistan.

The stakes could not be higher. The entire Middle East, Russia, much of Asia and the United States could be drawn into a confrontation over this that could explode into nuclear war.

As a student of Bible prophecy, I know that this is not the right time for such a war. There are certain things the Bible makes clear:

  1. The current nation of Israel cannot be destroyed. It will face an overwhelming invasion just before the Messiah comes. He will deliver them from destruction.

  2. Iran (Persia) will not be destroyed until the above-mentioned invasion, which will be led by Russia. It is this invasion that launches Armageddon.

  3. Before all of this, a leader from Europe must appear who will resolve the conflict (temporarily) and bring about a pseudo-peace. The Bible calls this leader the Antichrist. The world will call him the ultimate deliverer and worship him.

Current events are fitting into the predicted pattern that shows there is a tension on time. They indicate that time is short. All the players for the final epic events are in place. The timing just isn’t quit right at the moment. But it will be shortly.

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