Human animals at London Zoo. (Photo: BBC)

Saying homo sapiens are a “plague species,” the London Zoo opened a new exhibit today featuring eight humans frolicking around in nothing but mock fig leaves.

The “Human Zoo” is intended to show the basic nature of human beings, reported Agence France-Presse.

“We have set up this exhibit to highlight the spread of man as a plague species and to communicate the importance of man’s place in the planet’s ecosystem,” a statement from London Zoo said.

According to the report, the scantily clad volunteers will be treated as animals and kept amused at the central London zoo facility with games and music. They will go home each night after the zoo closes during Britain’s bank holiday weekend.

Dozens of hopeful volunteers applied to be part of the eight-person team through an Internet competition.

“I actually think the fig leaves will be enough to cover us up, it’s no worse than a swimming pool,” volunteer Simon Spiro, 19, told the news service.

Spiro said he looked forward to playing around at the zoo’s Bear Mountain.

“I’m a veterinary student so the idea of working for a zoo was something that appealed to me.

“I thought it would be fun and interesting because I’m an outdoorsy kind of person,” he said.

Brendan Carr, 25, wrote a poem in his bid to be part of the zoo attraction:

“I’m funky like a monkey and as cool as a cat, talk more than a parrot, up all night like a bat.

“I got a laugh like a hyena but get the hump like a camel, so cover me in fig leaves as I’m the ultimate mammal.”

Other volunteers on display are Anna Westbury, 27, who described herself as “zoo obsessed” and Thomas Mahoney, 26, who wanted to “get back to nature.”

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