Cindy Sheehan has returned to Yasgur’s Farm south, formerly Crawford, Texas, to continue the peace vigil and folk festival near Bush’s ranch. Soon she, her supporters, and other media moths attracted by the TV lights will embark on a bus caravan to Washington, D.C., to continue to tell the world exactly how dumb U.S. soldiers are. That’s right: Dumb. Brain dead. Morons. Dopes.

The reason why they believe that the U.S. soldier is an empty-headed dupe isn’t tough to figure out. Take Casey Sheehan for example. He joined the military on his own accord, willingly re-enlisted during this conflict, and fought and died for something he obviously believed in. Casey’s mother has said he died “for nothing,” and, therefore, the rest of them are dying for nothing, too.

To use the deaths of U.S. soldiers who joined willingly as an anti-war statement is to discredit their beliefs and judgment, not to mention their intellect.

Still don’t think the pro-peace crowd thinks the U.S. soldier is stupid? How about the protests by the group called Code Pink, so named because of all the Pepto Bismol you have to drink to keep them from turning your stomach. Code Pink members have been hanging around the Walter Reed Army Hospital, which houses many wounded soldiers, and waiving signs such as “Maimed for Lies” and “Enlist here and die for Halliburton.” This sounds like a bunch of people who obviously respect the soldiers, doesn’t it? You’d be hard pressed to find another group of people who are more abusive than those who seek peace for a living.

Adding fuel to the left’s “they’re so stupid” fire is the fact that, not only were these soldiers “maimed for lies” and “enlisted and died for Halliburton,” but they’re also overwhelmingly pro-Bush. To the left, the U.S. soldier has discovered an entirely new level of dim-wittedness, and one deserving of the mockery taking place at the Walter Reed Army Hospital. To be led into an unjust war by a moron is one thing, but for those same people to vote for that moron in droves makes the military reprehensibly imbecilic in leftist eyes.

One would have to assume that taking under advisement the opinions of those who are actually placed in harm’s way would take priority over the rest of us, since they have the most on the line. The anti-war left can’t win in this category, so there’s nothing they can do but to point out that these brave men and women simply don’t know any better. This is why we’ve heard the word “children” thrown around so much lately. They aren’t soldiers – they’re kids who have been ordered to play on dangerous monkey bars by a sadistic school principal.

In the meantime, Yasgur’s Farm south is attracting more weasels than an open-air chicken coop. Last week, the Reverend Al Sharpton announced that the anti-war protest in Crawford, Texas, has finally gained the focus of enough TV cameras to satisfy the media coverage rider in Sharpton’s contract. Sharpton arrived in Crawford this past weekend, on the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech, to deliver his own words, which may go down in history as the “Vermin on the Mount.”

In addition, groups such as and True Majority are helping finance the base camp at Yasgur’s Farm south, where the effort to point out that U.S. soldiers are the dumbest animals since prehistoric turkeys continues. True Majority is a group set up by Ben Cohen, of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, the company that displays a pretty exterior of socialist idealism, all supported by the camouflaged joist of fierce right-wing capitalism. Shhh … don’t tell.

There’s an unprecedented insult directed at the U.S. military occurring here. The most disturbing part is that it was all kicked off by the mother of a soldier, who is now being puppeted by people who have her convinced that her son and everybody like him were too stupid to know that they were taking part in an illegal and immoral occupation.

Sheehan’s bus caravan will be on the road around the same time Jane Fonda’s bio-diesel ’60’s time machine hits the anti-war trail. Fonda has a proven history of supporting the troops – provided they’re on the other side.

In the coming months, we can only hope that all the people who actually support the troops, not to mention respect their intelligence and beliefs, can make more noise than those protesters to whom the only “just war” would be one that confronted a direct and immediate threat to their freedom to be ignorant.

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