Meet America’s best
high school footballer

By WND Staff

America’s best high school football player excels in a lot more besides the pigskin.

When summer gives way to a glimpse of brisk air and a few more blowing leaves than normal, you can be sure that football season is near. Every September brings with it renewed hopes for countless millions of high school, college and pro football fans to root their teams on to victory. There is little doubt that when sports-crazed Americans catch their breath, they feel the pulsating beat of football driving them on.

Myron Rolle happens to be one young man who just might define that football heartbeat for years to come. Rolle is a 6-3, 215-pound gridiron star whose athleticism is unique for someone his size. He is fast enough to run stride for stride with wide receivers and strong enough to take on bigger players as well. Myron has excelled at every position he has been asked to play in high school, but will probably be asked to be an anchor in the defensive backfield at the collegiate level.

Myron Rolle

It is that term – “excel” – that Myron Rolle seems to wear like a piece of clothing in everything he pursues. He is entering his senior year at The Hun School in Princeton, N.J., this fall with a 4.0 grade point average.

The Hun School is a highly acclaimed prep feeder program for those aspiring for an Ivy League education. Myron will be announcing his college choice before a nationally televised ESPN audience tomorrow.

The early favorites to garner Rolle’s talents are the universities of Michigan, Florida and Florida State respectively. Whatever college Myron chooses he will likely enter his first term as a sophomore due to accumulated credits already earned. Myron is proceeding with his goal to graduate from a university in three years and then hopefully play in the National Football League. The NFL is the ultimate dream for many young men, but for Myron Rolle it is something he desires to do in his physically formidable years.

The path Myron Rolle is on is one where his love for medicine will send him back to school to become a doctor after his playing days are over. Rolle is motivated to show the world his Christian ethics by serving others in the way he believes God designed him to and that is as a physician.

Rolle has time and again expressed his love for God and family with an amazing sense of thankfulness and humility towards all the media attention around him. In a day and age when respect, honor and integrity appear to be lacking so greatly in young America, Myron Rolle bucks the trend with the footprints of an emerging titan. Myron is truly a “Rolle” model in every sense of the word.