While saying he had not discussed a policy of shooting looters in Katrina-ravaged New Orleans with President Bush, White House press secretary Scott McClellan today said the commander in chief has “zero tolerance” toward those who steal from local stores.

WND asked McClellan at today’s press briefing: “What is the president’s reaction to the 1968 statement of Philadelphia’s Frank Rizzo that all looters would be shot, and then three looters were shot, and the looting in Philadelphia stopped?”

Responded McClellan: “I haven’t discussed that with him in the midst of all the response and recovery efforts that are ongoing with Katrina. … Looting will not be tolerated. The president made that clear that it should be zero tolerance when it comes to looters. And that’s why we are in close communication with Governor Blanco and other officials in Louisiana to address the law enforcement and security concerns on the ground in New Orleans. And that’s why you have National Guard deployed there, additional National Guard going in there to help address some of the security concerns.”

McClellan said Americans should focus on the positive instances of neighbor helping neighbor that have been shown on TV, not the looting.

“I don’t think that the many acts of compassion and kindness should be lost in this discussion,” he said.

The president has sent an additional 10,000 National Guard troops to New Orleans to help deal with security and recovery issues.

In an unscientific poll at WorldNetDaily yesterday, nearly 62 percent of participants said looters should be shot on sight by authorities.

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