White House spokesman Scott McClellan praised the military’s role in Hurricane Katrina recovery today while ignoring a question about the homosexual parade held on New Orleans’ Bourbon Street last week.

At today’s press briefing, WND asked McClellan about a New York Times report stating two Navy helicopter pilots who rescued 110 people, including two who are blind, were reprimanded by a Navy commander because they were supposed to devote themselves entirely to supply.

“The commander in chief of the Navy will surely counter this reprimand with a presidential commendation, won’t he?” asked WorldNetDaily.

Responded McClellan: “Let me check into it. I’ve seen some the stories, but there are chain of command issues involved here and there are some military rules in place that prohibit us from commenting on certain chain of command issues.”

After then being asked about the homosexual parade and plans to hold the annual Southern Decadence festival in New Orleans despite the city’s trauma, McClellan returned to the military issue.

“I want to finish on the military,” McClellan said. “The military is doing an outstanding job in search and rescue and ongoing humanitarian efforts, and we’re greatly appreciative of the many men and women in the region, from the National Guard to reserve to active duty who are helping, and we’re greatly appreciative of the efforts they have undertaken to save lives. There have been a number of lives that have been saved because of our Coast Guard, because of our military and others on the ground in the region that have been involved in those efforts.”

McClellan then called on another reporter in the briefing.

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