Jessica Yellin of ABC News

WorldNetDaily unintentionally got in the middle of a verbal match today between White House press secretary Scott McClellan and ABC reporter Jessica Yellin, persistently trying to ask a question after being called on by the Bush spokesman.

Yellin, not satisfied with a response to her last question, badgered McClellan for more information about federal debit cards for Katrina evacuees as he tried to listen to WND’s question, which had to be started repeatedly, each time at a higher volume to be heard.

Following is the transcript:

McCLELLAN: I need to move to other people’s questions. Go ahead.

WND: Thank you. Does the President support –

McCLELLAN (to ABC): Don’t get so exasperated, we’re continuing to brief you all.

ABC: No, we’re not getting information on the debit cards. How do we tell people where to get them?

McCLELLAN: No, that’s – there –

ABC: We’re not getting information.

WND: Does the president –

McCLELLAN: They’re continuing to put out information –

ABC: Can you just tell us, because we can’t get it from them.

McCLELLAN: Jessica, I’m going to go on to the next person. You don’t need to get –

ABC: Who do we talk to? Where can we get the information?

McCLELLAN: People are providing that information. I just provided you information that was put out by the Department of Homeland Security.

WND: Does the president support his two fellow –

McCLELLAN: You can get dramatic here, but the facts are that people are providing regular updates.

ABC: Just tell us where to get it.

McCLELLAN: FEMA can provide you with information on the debit cards.

ABC: They’re not. They’re not. Our people on the ground are not getting it.

WND: Scott, does the president –

McCLELLAN: Tell me who they are we’ll get them the information. Go ahead.

WND: Does the president support his two Republican – fellow Republican governors, Schwarzenegger and Romney, in their campaign to stop same-sex marriage?

McCLELLAN: The president believes that the people’s voice ought to be heard when it comes to this issue. I’m trying to stick on the Katrina subject, and so can we stick on Katrina? I promised Helen, I wanted to get back to her. If you have other questions, I’ll try to get to you, but the president’s speaking here momentarily.

WND: I will yield.

Later in the briefing, WND asked McClellan a follow-up question on same-sex marriage.

McClellan responded: “I think the president has made his views very well known when it comes to same-sex marriages. The president believes marriage is a sacred institution between a man and a woman, and it is something that ought to be protected. And the people of America, I think, strongly support that position, as well.”

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