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Katrina: Did FEMA really fail?

Media coverage of Katrina has been as massive as the affected land area of 90,000 square miles. Up close and in your face coverage of misery, mayhem, murder and lack of preparedness by local governments has saturated cable networks for weeks.

It will be impossible to forget the images of the aftermath of Katrina, the agony, the suffering and the excuses by Mayor Nagin and Gov. Blanco. Following the incredible bungling by Mayor Ray Nagin’s lack of preparation for a Category 5 hurricane, we find out that monies allocated by Congress for a mass evacuation plan of New Orleans had been “redirected.”

On the heels of that disclosure, more incompetence and possible criminal activities were exposed by the Los Angeles Times: “… Senior officials in Louisiana’s emergency planning agency already were awaiting trial over allegations stemming from a federal investigation into waste, mismanagement and missing funds when Hurricane Katrina struck.”

It’s no secret a whole lot of city, state and federal bureaucrats knew it was just a matter of time before a Katrina would hit. After the fact, there was a great deal of finger pointing and the demand for Mike Brown’s head was predictable. But, did FEMA really fail?

Not according to G. Edward Griffin, author of mega sellers, “Creature from Jekyll Island” and “World Without Cancer.” Griffin has a profound understanding of the “bigger picture” and in a recent column gave what I believe to be a superb assessment of FEMA and Katrina. He provides a list that shows a clear pattern by FEMA to back up his statements:

There were too many instances for this to be merely a mistake or a bureaucratic snafu … The primary job of the military, FEMA, and Homeland Security is not to protect the American people in times of emergency, but to protect the government in times of emergency and keep it functioning. Their primary assignment is, not to rescue people, but to control them. Their directive is to relocate families and businesses, confiscate property, commandeer goods, direct labor and services, and establish martial law.

The reason FEMA and Homeland Security failed to carry out an effective rescue operation is that this was not their primary mission, and the reason they blocked others from doing so is that any operations not controlled by the central authority are contrary to their directives. Their objective was to bring the entire area under the control of the federal government – and this they succeeded in doing very well. They did not fail in New Orleans. They were a huge success. Once this simple fact is understood, everything that happened in the wake of Katrina becomes understandable and logical.

While it is painful, there are some truths that need to be aired. Anyone who lives along the East and Gulf coasts know that at any time during hurricane season, they are vulnerable to being wiped out from wind force, flooding and storm surges. Despite the carnage left after many destructive hurricanes, people continue to build businesses and homes right on the water and then expect the American people to pay to rebuild their properties over and over. The U.S. Constitution strictly forbids this type of taking from the people’s treasury.

Congress has voted to appropriate some $200 billion from an already empty treasury to rebuild the Gulf Coast and New Orleans … exactly as it was before! While it may not be a popular idea, the citizens who live along the Gulf Coast need to get together with their local governments and discuss zoning changes and decide if it makes any sense to continue rebuilding right on the water or close enough to the water to be wiped out by storm surges. The hurricane season isn’t over yet and it will come again next June.

We the people and corporate America have opened our wallets and hearts to every American in the Katrina affected area. My husband and I donated to a major charity and to United Animal Nations to help rescue beloved pets. While the $1.2 billion now given by we the people will never be enough to replace lives lost, homes lost, businesses lost or relieve all the pain and suffering from Katrina, those who live in any disaster area need to know that we the people will be there with you and for you. But, Americans must reject government funding because it’s not theirs to give.

First responders to any disaster are the people themselves and then local government. The U.S. military should never, ever be used for a hurricane disaster. This is a very dangerous precedent that Americans must reject. Had the constitutionally authorized state militias been organized and in place in every county within the affected area, Americans would not have gone without food, water or medical supplies for days on end while waiting for mother government to come rescue them.

While Americans in hurricane zones have several days warning, the same isn’t true for those who live in earthquake zones like Los Angeles and San Francisco. It is imperative that Americans take this issue seriously and start today in making sure they are fully prepared for disaster, and join the movement to reconstitute state militias as mandated under the Second Amendment. Right now, Hurricane Rita, another monster, is bearing down on the Texas gulf. I pray the aftermath has no resemblance to Katrina.