Jimmy Carter at American University in Washington, D.C.

Five years after the controversial 2000 presidential election, ex-President Jimmy Carter now says he’s certain Al Gore defeated George W. Bush.

“Well I would say that in the year 2000, the country failed abysmally in the presidential election process,” Carter told a panel Monday at American University in Washington, D.C. “There’s no doubt in my mind that Al Gore was elected president.”

Those in attendance broke out in applause for that statement.

“[Gore] received the most votes nationwide, and in my opinion, he also received the most votes in Florida,” Carter continued. “And the decision was made as you know by a 5-4 vote on a highly partisan basis by the U.S. Supreme Court, so I would say in 2000, there was a failure.”

2000 election map

The year 2000 saw the closest presidential election in American history, as Bush won the electoral vote 271-266, despite losing the popular vote to Gore by a half-million votes.

Carter’s analysis went on to include last year’s matchup between Bush and Democrat Sen. John Kerry, as the election came down to a battle over the electoral votes in Ohio.

“The year 2004 is hard to grade,” said Carter. “I don’t have any detailed information about what actually went on in Ohio. If Ohio had gone one way or the other, it would have changed the outcome of the election. And the only thing that I know about Ohio, was that there’s general consensus that the secretary of state of Ohio, who is responsible for the administration of the election, was highly partisan in his public approach and perhaps even in his private adminstration. But I don’t know about that.”

2004 election map

Carter’s remarks are sparking discussion on messageboards across the Internet, with comments including:


  • “Well duh! I’m just glad someone finally said it out loud, and that it was someone prominent (former president, Nobel Peace Prize winner). … I wonder if this will make it to mainstream media?”


  • “Carter for president. Just what America needs right now to restore some semblance of dignity to the presidency. I believe if he ran he would actually win. There is a tremendous undercurrent of sentiment for change in America and the populace will speak loud and clearly in ’08 if given a choice such as Carter.”


  • “At last, proof that Jimmeh Cahtuh is a delusional fool and need not be taken seriously ever again.”


  • “All 67 Florida counties recounted – the law under Florida’s Constitution – just not multiple times so Democrat election workers and their army of lawyers and press accomplices could not eat enough chads, create enough votes, spin enough lies, call the election early enough in the Panhandle, rally enough protesters behind Jesse Jackson, disenfranchise enough absentee military ballots to steal the election. Florida voters were so ‘outraged’ by Election 2000, they elected Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris, and sent Bob Butterworth, Al Gore’s Florida 2000 campaign manager packing, in 2002.”


  • “I am a liberal. That said, Gore lost! He got his a– kicked. How do I know? Because Bush is the one sitting in the White House. … [Gore] may have won the count, but when it came to the real fight, he turned around, bent over, and said, ‘Give it to me.’ Such is the way of the modern Democrat. … [Ted Kennedy] and [Bill] Clinton were the last real Democrats. And, yes, Clinton was a real Democrat. Not a crazy, hippie-type, but a real working man’s man. And he loved a good [expletive] from a stupid young intern. Those were the days.”

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