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Schindlers to write book

Editor’s note: The reporter who brought Terri Schiavo’s plight to national attention back when no one else in the major media cared about the story, WND’s own Diana Lynne, has written the definitive journalistic book on Terri Schiavo’s life and death – Terri’s Story: The Court-Ordered Death of an American Woman.” It is set for release at the end of September, and is available now for preorder.

The parents and siblings of Terri Schiavo are writing a book on the end-of-life battle over the fate of their severely brain-damaged daughter, who died in March by court-ordered starvation initiated by her husband.

The book – by parents Bob and Mary Schindler, brother Bobby Schindler and sister Suzanne Vitadamo – is scheduled for release on the first anniversary of Terri Schiavo’s death.

Husband Michael Schiavo has written a book also due out next March.

The Schindlers’ book, by Warner Books in New York, will tell how they “fought simply as a caring family and never the ideological zealots depicted by the mainstream media,” the publisher stated in a news release.

“This book is the moving story of an ordinary family caught up in extraordinary circumstances, and it will set the record straight for the first time,” said Jamie Raab, senior vice president for Warner.

Profits from the book will be donated to a foundation that protects the severely disabled, which the Schindler’s established when they were trying to save Terri’s life.

“For the first time ever,” the publisher says, “they will share their love and sorrow, joy and pain, and some shocking revelations as they honor Terri’s life, mourn her death, and finally tell the whole story, the true story, of an innocent woman who met a needlessly premature death.”

Michael Schiavo, who insisted his wife was in a persistent vegetative state and would not have wanted to be kept alive in such a condition, is working with author Michael Hirsh on a 280-page book titled “Terri: the Truth,” by Dutton Publishing.

Speaking recently at a conference, Michael Schiavo said he refused for years to believe Terri was in a permanent vegetative state.

“I was going to bring my wife home,” he said at the medical ethics conference honoring Dr. Ronald Cranford, a right-to-death activist who backed Schiavo’s decision to end his wife’s life, according to a report in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

The conference in Minneapolis marked the first time since his wife’s death six months ago that Schiavo publicly shared his side of the ordeal that captured the imagination and passion of the world.

As protesters picketed outside, Schiavo told the gathering of 200 that he never imagined, when he decided to remove his wife’s feeding tube that he would land in the middle of a national debate.

“All I wanted to do was carry out my wife’s wishes.”

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