Fall registration, the first day of class, and another crop of America’s high school graduates have left home and hearth to attend college in the hope it will prepare them for life and career.

But from Harvard to UCLA and thousands of colleges and universities in between, what awaits them is non-stop leftist indoctrination, pervasive sexual anarchy and – if they’re not careful – loss of their values and innocence.

What many parents have suspected and feared has been documented first-hand in the latest edition of WND’s famed Whistleblower magazine, in a stunning edition titled “BRAINWASHING 101: Indoctrination and sexual corruption on America’s college campuses.”

“In true Whistleblower fashion,” said Managing Editor David Kupelian, “we decided to tell this incredible story in the most compelling, ‘insider’ way possible – by letting college students themselves expose what really goes on in the closed society of the college campus.”

Young people featured in this issue include Ben Shapiro (nationally syndicated columnist, author of “Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America’s Youth” and a recent UCLA graduate, now enrolled at Harvard), Abby Nye (a student at Butler University and author of “Fish Out of Water: Surviving and Thriving as a Christian on a Secular Campus”) and Hans Zeiger (author of “Get Off My Honor: The Assault on the Boy Scouts of America” and a student at Hillsdale College).

Meanwhile, the “older generation” – in the persons of WorldNetDaily Editor Joseph Farah and Managing Editor David Kupelian, plus Jim Nelson Black, public policy analyst and author of “Freefall of the American University” – round out Whistleblower’s look at the unrelentingly subversive agenda that dominates most American colleges today.

Together, this month’s team of whistleblowers prove conclusively that, while sky-high tuition costs have more than doubled since the 1980s, the level of sexual corruption, anti-Americanism and radical political and cultural indoctrination at America’s colleges has increased even more.

“Very simply, if you have a child in college or who may soon be headed toward college, you owe it to yourself – and to your child – to read this issue of Whistleblower,” said Kupelian.

Highlights of “BRAINWASHING 101” include:

  • “What are we teaching, anyway?” by Joseph Farah, demonstrating the persecution on campus of believing Christians for attempting to stand up for traditional morality.

  • “A crisis on campus” by Jim Nelson Black, a powerful overview of how America’s colleges are corrupting the minds and morals of the next generation.

  • “Ward Churchill backs fragging,” which shows how the controversial “9-11 prof” suggests rolling grenades under line officers.

  • “Sex in the classroom” by Ben Shapiro – a mind-boggling first-hand account of sexual anarchy on the typical campus. As Shapiro summarizes: “Homosexuality is perfectly normal. Pedophilia is acceptable. Bestiality is fine.”

  • “How Western culture has been turned upside down” by David Kupelian, showing what’s really behind multiculturalism and political correctness, which started on the college campus and have now grown to permeate society at large.

  • “Behind closed doors: Surviving and thriving as a Christian on a secular campus” by Abby Nye, a gripping and eye-opening look at the gauntlet a Christian faces when attending a secular college.

  • “Hindsight: Advice to other Christian students at secular colleges” by Abby Nye.

  • “Solutions” by Ben Shapiro, wherein the recent UCLA grad and author offers specific steps for ending the leftist stranglehold on America’s major universities.

  • “A school for future leaders,” profiling Virginia’s Patrick Henry College, created especially for Christian homeschoolers.

  • “Young Americans turning right” by Hans Zeiger, in which the college student, author a and columnist provides real hope that many young Americans, despite all the forces arrayed against them, are headed in the right direction.

“This is one of those issues that you just can’t put down,” said Farah. “It is a fantastic read, and will leave you with no doubt whatsoever that America’s colleges today have become radical indoctrination centers – and your kids are the target.”

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