By Jeremy Reynalds

An American-hosted soft porn Internet site also doubles as a cyber home for radical Islamic video propaganda.

One approximately six-minute video housed on the Japanese site which we will not list because it so horrendous. Titled, “The Ambon Massacre,” it starts with a picture of the ocean waves lazily lapping at dusk.

The scene soon shifts to video of a burning building and people being massacred. Then viewers see rows of dead bodies covered with newspaper, followed by scenes of burning, decimated houses.

The horrifying footage is followed by graphic video of burned, dead bodies with holes in their heads, as well as chopped off body parts. The dead include babies and the mutilated corpses of young people with gaping holes in their necks.

The video is apparently of the 2002 Ambon Massacre.

As the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) reported, in the early morning hours of a Sunday in late April 2002, “black-masked, heavily armed Islamic militants entered the Christian village of Soya (near Ambon city) as the people slept. They moved from house to house, killing up to 21 people by stabbing, decapitation or burning them alive, as well as wounding many more. Thirty homes and a Christian church were also incinerated. Whilst some attackers were seen with assault rifles and wearing military fatigues, the army denies any involvement.”

This followed Friday prayers from two before, WEA reported, when an Islamic leader had urged about 5,000 Muslims outside the Al-Fatah Mosque in Ambon to rally together in holy war against the Christians. He said, WEA reported, “‘From today, we will no longer talk about reconciliation. Our … focus now must be preparing for war – ready your guns, spears and daggers.'”

WEA further reported, “On 12 Feb. 2002, the eleven point Malino Peace Accord was signed by 80-strong delegations from the Muslim and the Christian communities of Maluku. The Laskar Jihad, however, refused to attend the peace talks and has rejected the Accord as ‘treason’. Islamist cleric Jaffar Umar Thalib, a veteran of the jihad in Afghanistan, heads up the Laskar Jihad. He oversees a network of Islamist schools in Indonesia, preaches that democracy is ‘incompatible with Islam’, and calls for Indonesia to be made an Islamic state with Sharia Law. He regards Jews, Americans and Christians as ‘belligerent infidels’ whose deaths are justified by divine imperative. Thalib is convinced there is a global conspiracy of American-led Jews and Christians to destroy Islam and all Muslims. He scorns Osama bin Laden for being too soft – a lightweight!”

Another video on the same site provides step- by- step instructions for making what appear to be an improvised explosive device (IED).

During the video, gloved hands are shown carefully pouring in and stirring a cocktail of chemical solutions. The device is then assembled and the scene shifts outside to a rocky terrain, where the IED is again shown. To the strains of triumphant marching music, the IED is detonated. The video then ends.

The site is hosted by the Orlando-based An employee at the company asked that the site be submitted to Dimenoc’s abuse department, where the matter would be fully investigated.

An e-mail requesting comment to the individual apparently responsible for the site was returned as undeliverable.

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