Surfing the dial immediately after the Senate with near unanimity (78-22), voted to confirm John Roberts as the 17th chief justice of the Supreme Court, I reflected upon the fact that we talk about a great, united America, but the definition of same depends upon who writes the dictionary.

Wolf Blitzer and colleagues at CNN bemoaned with raw negativity the potential harm Roberts could inflict upon the people. The usual laments were presented with forlorn faces: Roberts was a threat to women’s rights and civil rights, so their blather went.

MSNBC solemnly shared that Roberts had “only” received 78 yes votes for confirmation, as if being confirmed by a 3.5 to 1 margin somehow disqualified or rendered him unworthy of having an opinion from the bench. “Could this signal the end of partisanship,” they puzzled?

None of us who supported Roberts can know with unequivocal certainty how he will rule on issues that are sure to come before him. Some of us harbor a quiet uneasiness despite our support. This is natural and normal. It is what liberals fear from an originalist jurist who embraces the Constitution that is troubling.

Socialist liberals are as dangerous to our way of life as lead paint is to an infant. The difference is there are warning labels for lead paint. These virulent liberals hide behind disarming speech that leads people to ignore them and their aims until it is too late. It is important that the public understand just as beauty can be deadly (e.g., the coral snake, though brightly colored, is one of the deadliest) so too can seemingly familiar language that suggests a meaning or thought we reflexively accept when uttered by socialist liberals.

As Sean Rushton of Committee for Justice recently reminded us:

[When socialist liberals speak of] civil rights, they mean racial quotas and forced busing. [When they speak of] reproductive rights, they mean underage girls should get abortions without notifying their parents. [By] equal pay for women, they mean government bureaucrats determining your pay.

[When they speak of] environmental protection and worker rights, they mean the government has unlimited power to regulate private property and business. [Likewise by] church-state separation, they mean your town can’t display a menorah or Christmas creche during the holidays.

Herein lies their insidious dishonesty – indeed, their evil desire to control by deceit, subterfuge and obfuscation. Even though I personally cannot tolerate socialist liberals, I could at least respect them if they were honest.

In America, one is permitted to hate America and her institutions, but they should be honest – state clearly and publicly they hate our country and all vestiges of same, except those that further their maniacal desire to control. They should be open and forthright. They should not hide behind double entendres and duplicitous speech. They should tell America clearly and definitively what they believe and what their goal is for America. Then let the people make a fully informed decision.

But they cannot do that. They must hide behind misleading speech and misrepresentations of intent. The reason is simple: It is their only way to effect the destruction of the societal and constitutional constructs of our nation. If they were to be forthright, they would be rejected, but by pretending to possess something they do not, i.e., concern for America, these cloven-hooved Jim Joneses conspire to lead our country into the abyss.

Don’t take my word for it. I challenge you to read the factual history of Margaret Sanger, the progenitor of Planned Parenthood. Perhaps then you will understand why so many abortion clinics are located where they are. Read the factual historical legacy of the American Civil Liberties Union – understand from their own words why they oppose that which they do. I challenge you to read carefully to learn what other extreme socialist liberal groups represent. See for yourself how closely aligned these various groups are to one another in their agendas.

You see, it isn’t what John Roberts or other constructionists will do to America. Here, again, they resort to lies and misrepresentations – it is what Roberts and constructionist courts will do them that they fear.

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