Presidential press secretary Scott McClellan today said he was not familiar with a drug meant to treat ulcers that also serves as an abortifacient – a drug some fear could eventually enable American women to abort their unborn babies for a mere $2.

A New York Times report cites the drug misoprostol, or Cytotec, as an ulcer drug that has the side effect of inducing abortion.

WND asked McClellan at today’s White House news briefing: “Does the President believe this should be outlawed, or not?”

Responded McClellan: “I’m not sure – familiar with this ulcer drug.”

When asked if he reads the New York Times, the spokesman said, “From time to time.”

McClellan then referred WND to a federal regulatory agency, even though the drug in question was approved for use, at least as an ulcer treatment, 1988.

“I’ll be glad to take a look at it, Les, but that might be something you want to direct to the health experts,” McClellan said. “I think that if you’re asking about a drug that would fall under the authority of the FDA, you need to direct those questions to the Federal Drug Administration.”

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