There’s a possibility that Condoleezza Rice could run for president, most likely against Hillary Clinton. Should Rice run, she is in for more ill treatment than a black kid who’s late for his Econ class at the University of Alabama trying to hitch a ride from George Wallace – and the abuse will not come from where we’ve been taught racism lives. But we’ll get to that in a second.

Spurred along by Dick Morris’ new book, “Condi vs. Hillary, the Next Great Presidential Race,” the talk of an all-female White House bid is heating up. Merely a few months ago, this seemed unlikely, but then again, so did the idea of a “Rocky VI” in which the Italian Stallion will face his toughest opponent yet: prostate trouble.

Hillary’s a shoo-in. Her two biggest Democrat threats are John Kerry and Al Gore. Ted Kennedy, who now always sounds like Boris Yeltsin trying to recite the alphabet backwards, just announced that he’d endorse his fellow Massachusetts senator once again. In other words, so long, John.

Gore, after suffering heartbreak in 2000, morphed into Sebastian Cabot’s body double and gave speeches that would have even had Nikita Khrushchev telling him to “bring it down it a little.” Since then, Al’s gone completely Commando Cody – with a more environmentally friendly hybrid jet pack and ray gun equipped with a child safety lock – to save the planet from itself. Gore has departed on a mission from which, outside of intensive shock therapy, no political return is possible.

As for Hillary’s potential Republican opponents, Morris thinks that Condoleezza Rice is the only person who has a chance to defeat Hillary, not to mention steal some of the black vote from her.

Democrats know this is a possibility, which is why Rice will be heavily racially stereotyped and ridiculed as a message to potential crossover minorities: “Unless you want to be treated this way too, don’t even think of leaving the party that respects you the most.”

Why do I think Condoleezza Rice is in for a racist attack by the same people who accuse everybody else of racist attacks? The example of recent history.

It started back when Rice was made national security adviser and accelerated when she was nominated to be secretary of state. The racism from those who are usually first in line to tell minorities how much they love them was nothing short of amazing.

There were several cartoons – by white liberals no less – that depicted Rice as some sort of plantation slave, exaggerating features in the vein of 19th and early 20th century racist “art,” and speaking in a language like any stereotypical, scarf on the head, shuffling down the street mammy you’d find in “Gone With The Wind,” with Bush treating her like Lester Maddox talking to a shoeshine kid in Savannah.

The Rice critiques were accompanied by Harry Belafonte calling any African-American serving in the Bush administration “black tyrants” and accusing Colin Powell of “selling out his race.” True, Rice and Powell have only achieved some of the nation’s highest offices and met with the world’s most powerful people. They have yet to defiantly break the stereotypical mold like Belafonte did by singin’ and dancin’.

What is it about intelligent and powerful minorities (who are non-Democrats) that makes liberals shove them to the back of the ridicule bus for a long ride back to the Jim Crow era?

In Condoleezza Rice, the left sees their own failings – a failure to keep minorities where they belong: quiet and voting Democrat.

What’s more amazing is that racist attacks on Rice have been, and will be, tolerated by black “leadership” for the most part and quietly allowed to pass seemingly unnoticed by those out to prove that racism can only be noble if it helps save the Democrat Party.

The thought of a Hillary/Condi matchup is attractive for many reasons. The battlefield will be littered with slain sacred cows of the left. Those who say Americans are too stodgy and sexist to ever vote for a woman for president won’t be able to explain the record turnout. People like Democrat U.S. Rep. Melvin Watt from N.C., who has said that most white people would never vote for a black candidate, will be proven to be wrong – hence desperate attempts to “whiten” black conservatives so as not to neuter liberal pet theories.

The left has staked a claim as champions of women’s rights and minority rights, but put the two together in one Republican presidential candidate, and they’ll try to ship that person back to the cotton field faster than you can say Robert Byrd. Just wait and see.

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