Cuban police recently raided a home in the Cuban city of Colon and confiscated what officials later called “subversive and dangerous.” But the contraband wasn’t drugs, or pornography, or bomb-making instructions. What police confiscated were printed Gospels of John and a small printing press.

It was Sunday morning, Oct. 9, and five plainclothes secret police entered the house. After calling for reinforcements, a truck arrived with 12 armed, uniformed police who seized the gospels and the printing press. Cuban officials called the materials “subversive and dangerous.”

Police then took Pastor Eliseo Rodriguez Matos, head of an Assembly of God church in the area, to the local police station for interrogation. Police then called Se?ora Caridad Diego, the minister of religion in Havana – an atheist who supports the Communist government in restricting Christian evangelism. The Ministry of Religion called the confiscated printing press “very dangerous.”

“We agree with the government’s assessment,” responded Tom White, executive director of The Voice of the Martyrs, USA. “The Word of God is dangerous. It can produce eternal freedom in the midst of evil tyranny.” White was a prisoner in Cuba 25 years ago after the plane from which he was dropping Christian leaflets crash-landed there.

Founded in 1967, Voice of the Martyrs supports persecuted Christians worldwide.

Elsewhere in Cuba, threats of demolition of house churches have never been so high. Recently, the government outlawed them and plans to hunt them down and close them. Many house churches have had equipment such as pews, homemade benches, musical instruments, Christian literature and anything else confiscated by police.

Voice of the Martyrs urges American Christians to pray for Christians in Cuba.

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