While urging its supporters to continue voicing their opinion against Target for again banning Salvation Army bell ringers from outside its stores during the Christmas season, a traditional-values group is decrying the fact the retail chain has added vibrators to its feminine-care offerings.

“Despite increased need caused by the hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Target continues to bar the Salvation Army,” said American Family Association founder Donald E. Wildmon in an e-mail to supporters.

As WorldNetDaily reported, a boycott of Target was organized last year in response to its banning of the Salvation Army’s traditional red-kettle solicitors. Christian activists believe Target made the move to appease the homosexual community. The retailer is a contributor to homosexual causes, and the Salvation Army has traditionally opposed the “gay” agenda.

Wrote Wildmon: “While Target contributes to homosexual groups, the company publicly states that they will not contribute to any religious groups. For Target, homosexual organizations are worthy of financial support, Christian and Jewish organizations are not.”

AFA also noted WTOP radio in Washington, D.C., reported that Target is one of the national chains that will be carrying a new line of women’s products that includes a vibrator.

“Formerly the domain of sex shops, such products have been brought out of the shadows by popular television shows like ‘Sex and the City,'” WTOP reported, according to AFA.

Cassandra Johnson, a spokeswoman for Elexa by Trojan, told the station the products will be discreetly packaged and sold in the feminine-care aisle.

“While Target continues to ban the Salvation Army, competitors such as Wal-Mart are increasing their donations to the Salvation Army,” Wildmon noted. “Wal-Mart and others continue to welcome the Army’s kettles.”

AFA’s website gives supporters a means to e-mail both Target and Wal-Mart about the issue.

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