Whatever did happen to Kweisi Mfume?

You remember Kweisi, that one-time Baltimore youth hell-raiser who sired five children out of wedlock – but who reformed himself enough to get elected to Congress and then president of the NAACP.

He is currently running for the Democratic nomination for U.S. senator from Maryland.

So what did Kweisi do on Saturday, Oct. 15? Well, he enlisted as one of the speakers at Louis Farrakhan’s “Millions More Movement” event – the 10th anniversary of the (alleged) “Million Man March,” which never reached anywhere near that number, then or on the 15th.

The Washington Post reported: “The crowd appeared decidedly smaller than in 1995, when hundreds of thousands showed up.”

The “decidedly smaller” is fully understandable, for Farrakhan – who recurrently announced his various journeys in UFOs – spoke for 80 minutes (one hour and 20 minutes).

For any Maryland voters who are inclined to cast their vote for Farrakhan-Rally Speaker Mfume, consider the New York Times report of what Farrakhan said in the following warning about Democrats:

“The Democrats have used us and abused us. They look at the black and brown and the poor like this is a plantation, and our Democratic leaders are like the house Negro on the plantation of Democratic policies.”

There are no reports at all that in this denunciation of Democrats, Farrakhan in any way exempted Democratic Party candidate Mfume.

Kweisi, who is several miles behind Maryland Rep. Ben Cardin in the polls for U.S. Senate, should have had the good political and moral sense to stay far away from this sizably shrunken anniversary rally led by Screwy Louie, the UFO nut case.

Do any sizable number of Maryland Democrats agree with such Farrakhan statements as:

  • “For five days the government did not act (during Hurricane Katrina).” “We charge America with criminal neglect.” (What precisely did the Nation of Islam do to help in this hurricane?)

  • The Washington Times reported that Farrakhan demanded reparations for slavery.

  • “We want more than just an apology for slavery. We want more than a monument. We want America to acknowledge her wickedness.” (Does this include all descendants of the 1,400 U.S. black slave-owners? And the descendants of all those black African chiefs and entire black tribes who supplied black slaves to slave ships?)

  • Farrakhan accused President Bush of “lying to the American people and raping the Treasury” to pay for the war in Iraq, reported the Times – which refused to report this event on Page 1 – and instead, relegated it to Page 16.

The Washington Post reported that the Rev. Willie Wilson, the rally’s national executive director, charged that Keith Boykin of the National Black Justice Coalition (a black homosexual group) “straight out lied” in excluding the group from the event.

“There were certain conditions he had to meet and did not.” Wilson did not elaborate on the said conditions. But a number of the black sodomists carried signs: “Black by birth, gay by God.” That was apparently sufficiently appalling to bring about the sodomy exclusion.

There were no reports that U.S. Senate candidate Mfume did anything to protest this Farrakhan rally exclusion of homosexuals.

How, numerically, did this event compare to the one 10 years ago?

The Washington Times reported: “By 6 p.m., Metro reported 331,000 passengers had used the subway system, compared to a typical Saturday ridership of 220,000. On the day of the march 10 years ago, ridership was more than 804,000.”

The Post reported: “As of 6 p.m., there were 331,000 trips on Metro compared with a typical Saturday ridership of 225,000 to 300,000.”

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