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Sexual trick or treat
for families

“It’s not about abortion. It’s about privacy,” intones the very liberal talk-show host, as he defends the right of minor girls to get a secret abortion.

At issue is Proposition 73 facing California voters on Nov. 8. Officially, the measure is called “Waiting Period and Parental Notification Before Termination of Minors Pregnancy.”

That’s the title the state gave it.

The people who collected more than a million signatures to get this measure on the ballot, call it the “Parents’ Right to Know and Child Protection” Proposition 73.

The issue: secret abortions for girls of any age, even pre-teens.

Those million signatures, which got this on the ballot, represent people who think that parents are entitled to know when their children will be subject to such life-changing (and life-ending) procedures.

Opponents are furious because the measure defines abortion as causing “death of the unborn child, a child conceived but not yet born.”

Those are fighting words! That means abortion is a life-ending procedure, a definition which will be in the state constitution. It causes a problem for those who still insist that what’s developing and growing in the mother isn’t human or alive or that the removal of it causes death to anything.

The talk-show host dismisses abortion and focuses on “privacy” for children. He is serious.

He finds nothing wrong with little girls getting secret abortions with the covert help of school administrators, faculty, counselors and nurses. The cover-up is perpetuated with the assistance of abortion counselors and medical doctors.

Some secret! That’s a huge number of people knowingly involved in a procedure that’s supposed to be about “privacy.”

Call me old-fashioned, but it seems to me there are two important people omitted from that list of those in on the big secret. They’re the two people who brought the minor girl into the world in the first place.

They’re the two people who’ve been – and will continue to be – legally responsible for that child until she’s 18 years old. Those two people will feel responsibility, concern and love for that child until their dying day, no matter how old they might be and no matter how old that child will be. It’s the love of parents for their child – and it doesn’t end at an arbitrary age set by politicians for their own legal and moral agendas.

The legal age of consent for sex or to smoke, drink, drive, vote, sign a contract, get married, join the military. They’re not all the same and are arbitrarily subject to change.

There is no age at which a parent stops being a parent to that child and no age at which a child stops being the child of the parent. Roles change over the years, but the biological-parental link isn’t broken, regardless of the law.

Proposition 73 is an amendment to California’s Constitution that says the parents/legal guardians of a minor, unemancipated child must be notified of the intended abortion.

It does not say that the parents or guardians must give permission – just that they be notified by the doctor 48 hours before the procedure, unless there’s an emergency or the parents waive the notice.

What too many California parents do not know is that right now, even before Election Day, it is perfectly legal for a minor in California to have a secret abortion. In fact, it’s perfectly legal in California for any young person (male or female) to have all kinds of secret medical assistance, treatment and advice – sexual counseling, contraceptives, treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, drug and alcohol counseling and addiction treatment.

All they need do is tell a school counselor or nurse they need or want such help and it will be arranged or allowed. The student can leave campus during the school day for a “medical appointment,” and, of course, in the process, miss classes.

It will be considered an “excused absence,” meaning the school will continue to get the average daily attendance money from the state even though the child is not on campus during the academic school day.

Parents are never notified. We’re told children have a right to privacy.

This proposition does not change all that. What it does change is that in the case of abortion, parents must be notified first. The child would still have the right to obtain or refuse the abortion.

A 1953 law allowed minors to “receive, without parental consent or notification, the same types of medical care for a pregnancy that are available to an adult.” According to California’s legislative analyst, the law was amended in 1987 to require parental or court consent before an abortion.

Legal challenges ensued, and ultimately, in 1997, the State Supreme Court struck it down – meaning minors of any age, whether in state health-care programs or not, are eligible for abortions without parental notification or consent.

It was, and is, a flagrant example of the deliberate undermining of parental rights and responsibility. The state declares it knows better and Planned Parenthood agrees, which is reflected in its fight to defeat the current proposition and the huge financial stake it has in keeping unrestricted abortion available.

Proposition 73 represents parents fighting back. They want and deserve to have the legal right to help their children deal with a pregnancy crisis.

This is just one step in the fight of parents for their rights and for the rights of children to remain part of their families and be fully informed of the alternatives and consequences of life-changing decisions.

If the child knew what was growing inside her, would she want to kill her unborn child? If she knew her parents – though they might be upset at the circumstances, would help her through it – would she abort her baby? Can a young girl resist coercion by the boy or man who got her pregnant?

Opponents raise the scenario of the child being abused by her parents. The proposition provides for confidential legal assistance.

I spoke with a young woman who only recently, because of sonograms, became fully aware of what an abortion entailed – the killing of a tiny human being. I asked her how, with all the sex education available, she could not have known?

Her answer was chilling – and sad: “Because whenever we were told about abortion, they never told us that.”

The whole abortion industry is built on a foundation of lies and deception. Thirty states have parental-notification laws – California now has its chance to wrest their children from the clutches of what really are baby-killers and their accomplices.