It was bound to happen.

When WND reported last week that Managing Editor David Kupelian’s new blockbuster book, “The Marketing of Evil,” had garnered a rare five stars on based on reader reviews, that proved to be too tempting a target for critics of the controversial book.

Sure enough, within hours of the five-star report being posted on WND, the following reader review appeared on Amazon, which brought the rating down to four-and-a half stars:

‘More of the same’

The author has created an unmatched entry in the field of fantasy. He has created an alternative reality at a complete remove from what most of us call “reality,” and it’s so compelling that he has drawn large numbers of people into it, where they actually try to live. Quite an accomplishment.

OK, four-and-a-half stars is still good. But then came this reader review:

‘Ah, yes’

In a climate where people are foolish enough to believe that a pedophile is lurking under every rock and bush, waiting to sodomize their children, that “Islamofacists” pose by far the greatest threat to American security, and that using human embryos to cure cancer is an affront to god, what better way to turn a quick buck than to exploit such inverted priorities and irrational opinions than to write a book on how to rid our great country of its enemies?

The problem, of course, is that these media-hyped boogeymen (the pedophile, the terrorist, the liberal academic elitist polluting young minds, the heretical doctor murdering unborn babies) do not exist – or not to the extent that most people believe.

… Careful consideration and clear thinking are probably the last things those who purchase this book are willing to undertake. At least Kupelian is smart enough to cash in by nailing his target audience.

Moving right along, then came this delightful piece of fan mail:

‘If you’re a hateful, narrowminded loon, then this book is for you!’

Thankfully, I didn’t have to buy this piece of garbage – I just read through it in a book store. To say that this is a work of fiction is an understatement. In short, the author takes turns pointing to various groups and calling them the devil in order to play to the fears of its intended audience. It’s a conspiracy theory, wrapped in bigotry, with no basis at all in reality.

If you’re looking for something that “seems” kind of official to validate your radical religious right hatred of homosexuals, civil libertarians, and anyone not like you, and if you aren’t concerned that your validation comes without any actual reality to back it up, then this is a must read. If, on the other hand, you’re into actual facts, steer clear of this load of inflammatory garbage.

Thanks to the brilliant literary critiques excerpted above, “The Marketing of Evil” now has four stars, not five.

However, in case you’d like to know what everyone else is saying about “The Marketing of Evil,” here is a quick sampling of the rest of the reviews. As you will see, they sound a very different theme – in fact, it’s hard to believe they’re writing about the same book:

‘Wow, what an awakening!’

… This book has put a powerful voice to many things that truth-loving people in America have felt in their spirits for a long, long time. David Kupelian has done his homework, and no doubt he’s going to take much flak from what is revealed in this book. I like my medicine straight and my truth even straighter, and this book delivers, with no apologies or flinching. This is a book that will be hard to handle for many; some will write it off as the “extremely right-wing, fundamentalist, bigoted, politically incorrect, intolerant rantings or the Religious Right” and whatever other labels of such nature can be used. But this book is destined to make waves and open eyes for those who dare to read it. (And if you think he spares the Christian church from this factual expose, wait until you read the final chapter …) His research is delivered with clarity and depth, and the many sources quoted demonstrate that this is beyond one man’s opinion. I for one am forever changed. Thank you, Mr. Kupelian, for such an honest, raw, logical, painful expose of the wounds of our society and your plea for a return to sanity and righteousness.

‘Don’t believe the negatives, read it for yourself’

… There’s really little criticism you can do to Kupelian’s book since what he does is provide lengthy quotes from the same people who have an agenda to undermine what many Americans hold dear: God, family, church, the Constitution (yes, as it was historically intended, something that can be proved). Hey, if you want to see those things undermined, just say so. Don’t claim that that’s what The Marketing of Evil is doing, because that’s simply not true.

… The Marketing of Evil is extremely well written, documented, and provocative. I’ll be buying more copies for gifts.

‘David Kupelian pulls back the veil on evil’

David Kupelian exposes like nobody before how key statistics related to crime, divorce and everything negative is related directly to our propensity to literally buy evil. Evil that was intentionally marketed to the public!

David covers everything from the gay rights movement to the ACLU atheist agenda to big-dollar medical establishments promoting abortion as “a woman’s right to choose.” Even the very slogan “a woman’s right to choose” generated laughter when it was coined. It was part of a cold and calculated marketing scheme.

The chapter “blood confessions” explains exactly how a baby dies in the womb during an abortion. This is heart wrenching and very disturbing, so beware. You will never again doubt that a murder is taking place during an abortion. The fact that the American public has embraced this horrific evil is beyond words.

The book is rounded out with how the Christian majority has become morally diluted and therefore lost the moral influence it once had. David adds some insights on how this can all be turned around.

This book really pulls back the veil on evil. A must read for anyone that cares about the future of our nation.

‘What an eye-opener!’

This was quite an eye-opening book on the state of the nation and how it got the way it is now. I will forever look at the media and liberalism even more cautiously than I have in the past. …

‘This book is an eye opener’

David Kupelian breaks down in very simple terms what is obviously causing a breakdown in American culture and morals. … He shows how slick marketing has broken down our morals and have led our county down a slippery slope. Mr. Kupelian has written what many of us feel has happened but were not sure how to explain it. Most of us now know that we are in a cultural divide of right against left, liberal against conservative, blue state against red state. In “The Marketing of Evil”, it is good against evil. He finally shows us how we can get back to the truth of our founding principles. This is a good read. I couldn’t put it down.

‘The deception of evil exposed’

David Kupelian has done a masterful job exposing the deceitful desecration and destruction of Christian culture in American by dedicated, deliberate, demonic design.

‘First you will be scared, then outraged – some important points to consider’

This fast-paced survey book is one of the more eye-opening books you will read this year. I got this book thinking there wasn’t much I’d learn, but I was quite mistaken.

As most who cherish biblical values know, there is something deeply wrong in our society. Only, as the author describes it in the context of “The Matrix,” you didn’t know what it was. David Kupelian tells you what that “what” is.

As I started to read the book, I was frightened. Frightened to see how the issues of “gay rights” became such a hotbed topic. According to the author, this wasn’t about rights, but it was the calculated subversion of culture. When you read about the deliberate and downright misleading campaigns designed to make us accept homosexuality, you start to get nervous. Just how much of this campaign have we swallowed?

As I read more, and the topics grew into the myth of church-state separation, the assault on marriage, and the promotion of planned child murder (abortion), I became very angry. Not at the fact that these things exist, because I knew of these things already. But it was how these concepts were “sold” to us that really fumed me. How due to calculated ad campaigns, abortion stopped being an issue about murder, and became an issue of choice. Why marriage became less of a contract of love and more about women’s “liberation.” And you will be shocked at how much of the “facts” that have fueled our obsessions with sex in this country was based upon fraudulent (and even criminal) research. The chapter on Kinsey and the selling of sex in America is a true eye opener, and worth the price of the book by itself.

… The author uses the last chapter as an appeal in the spirit of Francis Schaeffer for Christians to “stop the insanity.” It is a plea we ignore at the peril of our entire culture.

‘Truly an eye opener’

… The author has had the courage and determination to call a spade a spade by exposing the rampant commercial prostituting of our morals, values and principles all in the name of the almighty dollar leaving a current generation of toddlers stripped of any reference to what is right or wrong and without a moral compass. David Kupelian has authored a masterpiece that belongs in every home in America next to the Family Bible.

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